Best Camping Grill in 2022 – Review & Guide

Camping and grilling are two inseparable things. If you want to enjoy your camping experience altogether, hot food is paramount. Nothing would make this more comfortable than having a gas grill. There are many camping grills that you can choose from depending on your preference, budget, and many other considerations. This article will give you a list of the best and the most convenient and best camping grills in 2022.

                             Our Choice

Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Gas Grill

With Coleman RoadTrip LXE, you are presented with almost everything you would need in the right camping grill. The grill is lightweight and easily portable, thanks, and at the same time, it has a built-in table. This makes it even more presentable, among other features.

What We like

  • This grill features a ceramic and steel frame cooktop making it an excellent combination for any grill type. At the same time, you are assured of the quality and durability of your product.
  • The easy one-button ignition is another advantage of RoadTrip LXE. This makes it easy to light up the grill while the temperature knob helps you control the cooking temperature.
  • RoadTrip LXE is a foldable grill which makes it super easily portable. The bottom stand collapses, forming a handle while the back wheels are easy to roll on most surfaces.
  • With all its great features, you would be tempted to think it is an expensive grill, but that's not the case. The grill is relatively cheap; hence, you have no reason for not enjoying your camping experience.

What we  Don’t like

  • Although this grill is compatible with many accessories, including different cooktops, none of them are included in the packaging. 
  • Meant to connect to the smaller propane canisters (1-pound). If you need to connect it with larger tanks, you'll be forced to buy a hose adapter. 
  • Comes with a limited warranty.

Best Camping Grill

Below is a list of more best camping grills that you would appreciate.

1. Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove

Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove

This is an excellent modular stove that you comfortably take along to any campsite of your choice. The grill is entirely mechanical, and hence, you don't have to worry about running out of electricity. At the same time, it can run on almost any propane tank size and offers 2 high-quality cooking burners.


1. Wide and Spacious Top

The grill features a wide and spacious top in all directions. This ensures you have enough space to do whatever you wish with it. The area is wide enough to hold two large pots; hence, the best choice for skillet meals or stews. If you also want to add a griddle top to cool any food, you are provided with that option.

2. Very Comfortable Working Height

The working height of this grill is quite comfortable, and it also has excellent wind protection. Therefore, you can comfortably take it along when going camping in a very windy area. Overall, it's easy and comfortable to use.

3. Pricing

We love quality products doesn't mean we are ready to spend a fortune to get it home. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a grill that perfectly fits into our budget, just as Camp Chef Explorer does.

4. Multipurpose

We all love grilled foods but taking it for three-four days consecutively might become so dull. With Camp Chef Explorer, you will have nothing to worry about. Once you get tired of grilled foods, you can use it as a regular stove to prepare any type of food.


  • Stovetop size: this grill features a 448 square inches cooking space. This is enough to cook almost anything you'd want. The 60,000 BTU output shared between the two burners is quite suitable for grilling. 
  • Strong: the cooktops are made of cast iron while the body is made of aluminum. This creates an excellent combination for a healthy and durable grill. 
  • Easy to use: with everything in place, this grill is very easy to use, whether you are an expert or a beginner.


  • Although this grill is not very heavy, it is not convenient to carry around due to its size. You will need to disassemble it (move the legs screw off). This might make it unsafe when working on uneven terrain.
  • With the way, the burners of this grill are set up, there's no safe way of funneling the grease. Hence, it is not possible to use it as a traditional grill.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

Do you enjoy going on long trips or camping for several days? Camp Chef Explorer should be your grill of choice. This is because it's a multipurpose unit that allows you to switch from grilled foods to other types of foods.

2. Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

2. Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill is a tiny gas grill. It is well designed to fit on any tabletop outdoors. Its high stable legs prevent it from scorching the surface you place it on. The legs also make it possible to use the grill on anything, including uneven ground.


This grill has excellent features, some of which are listed below.

1. Easy To Store

Bearing in mind that we are dealing with the best grill for camping, the unit's storage is very important. Cuisinart designed its CGG-180T unit with foldable legs for easy storage and transport. It also features a unique briefcase-style handle on top of its safety locking lid.

2. Cooking Space

One of the most important features we look at in a grill is its cooking space. With CGG-180T, you are provided with a cooking space of 145 square inches. This is a bit convenient for serving around 2-3 people.

3. Functionality

The cooking power provided for one burner is 5500 BTU. Unfortunately, this is a bit low to evenly cook food on its relatively small cooking space of 145 square inches. Therefore you should be ready to wait for your food a bit longer before it's ready to serve. When cooking vegetables like asparagus, they might end up being soggy at the end of the cooking time.

4. Pricing

Although this grill has excellent features, looking at its functionality, we can all agree that it's a bit overpriced. Compared with other brands like Blackstone Griddle and Smokey Joe Weber, they are cheaper and much better.


  • Strong legs: adjustable legs telescope. This will ensure the grill remains a safe distance above any surface. The legs are also firm in almost all terrain and lock in place. However, the grill works much better when placed on a tabletop. 
  • Light in Weight: this grill weighs 13.5 lbs, which is comparably lighter than many other camping grills.
  • Easily Portable: the adjustable and collapsible design of its legs makes it easy to carry around. The locking lid and briefcase-style handle also add to its portability. Fold everything up, lock, grab, and go!


  • Weak Burner: this grill features a single burner of 5500 BTU. This is reasonably not enough to service its 145 square inch grill. In a grill of this size, you would need almost double of what CGG-180T offers you. 
  • Small in Size: looking at the price of this grill, you would expect it to offer better and larger cooking space than 145 square inches.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

Looking at the price of this grill, it is not the best deal. When compared to what Smokey Joe Charcoal grill offers and its asking price, Cuisinart needs to review their price.

3. Coleman Roadtrip X-Cursion Propane Grill

3. Coleman Roadtrip X-Cursion Propane Grill

When it comes to choosing a grill, you would never go wrong with a Coleman RoadTrip brand. When you think you are done, they surprise you with another yet better unit. Coleman Roadtrip X-Cursion is another pretty solid in this series.


Coleman Roadtrip X-Cursion Propane Grill is packed with countless features, and below are just a few:

1. Great Burners

Just like the other grills under the Coleman Roadtrip series, X-Cursion Propane grill has great burners that are conveniently rolling; you are also provided with a comfortable cooking height, just to mention a few of its benefits.

2. Easy To Use

Not all propane gas grills are easy to use. However, with X-Cursion, it is not only easy to use but also easy to start up. The grill easily and quickly gets too high temperatures with its two independently adjustable burners.

3. Interchangeable cooktops

Not all camping grills offer you this. Therefore, it is one of the major reasons why it fits our best camping grills list. Although the RoadTrip LLXE has the upper hand in features and functionality, this is a bit cheaper.


  • Price: Roadtrip X-Cursion is still pricey, but when compared to RoadTrip LXE, it is a bit cheaper. This makes it a better budget option. 
  • Portability: X-Cursion folds up into a thin and compact package making it easy to roll around. The combination of stiff legs and wheels makes it comfortable to use on different terrains. Hence, the best choice for a camping grill. 
  • Versatility: the grill produces an exceptional amount of heat and is compatible with different cooktops.


  • An awkward handle: the handle of this grill is a bit awkward. It could have been much easier to move without necessarily having to hunch over if it was more of a ring shape. 
  • Accessories: although we have indicated that it is highly compatible with different cooktops, it has no extra accessories. This means you will have to spend more on purchasing these accessories making the said price even higher.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

If you are looking for a classic grill with a well-known brand name like Coleman, you should give this grill a try. Buying Coleman RoadTrip LXE might be a bit expensive, but with Coleman X-Cursion, you've got a much cheaper option!

4. Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill

We would not do this list justice without mentioning Weber's products. Weber has managed to win many chefs' hearts with their outstanding works when it comes to the grilling world. Weber 10020 Smokey Joe fits nicely under the best camping grills in 2022.


Below are a few features that make the Weber 10020 Smokey grill unique.

1. Unique Design

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe grill features a unique design of a kettle style. The grill has been designed to use wood or charcoal, which are available almost anywhere. The strength of this grill is basically hidden in the quality of its construction and materials used.

2. Cooking Space

It is roughly a 14-inches diameter package providing a grilling space of around 205 square inches. This is quite big for most small outings as it can grill around five burgers at a time. The materials used on this grill are of a high standard, including the solid steel construction with ceramic coating. This provides a glossy finish and extra insulation, which doesn't chip or peel off over time.

3. Steady Tripod

The steady tripod doesn't add over much weight to the grill. It comes with a total value of 9.5 lbs, which is very light for its size. The grease drip is perfectly situated, making it easier to remove and clean after use.


  • Great Design: this grill has a sturdy, simple design that retains heat perfectly and doesn't wobble. The domed lid is perfect for trapping smoke and heat for flavor. It also allows the smoke to rise enough before it passes through the dampers. Hence, it doesn't leave your food feeling sooty. 
  • Materials: heat-retaining ceramic and solid steel are an iconic duo. This represents a perfect balance of the right materials and low prices on well-made products. 
  • Simple: this is the perfect wood and charcoal grills with no frills. The fact that your food is cooked using naturally available fuels makes it easy to manage. It operates well with no superfluous extra junk.


  • Lack of accessories: unlike many other camping grills listed above, Weber 10020 Smokey Joe doesn't have compatibility with other cooking tops, including griddle tops. This is a simple kettle grill. 
  • No Side Tables: this grill has a kettle-style design and hence, no side tables attached.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

Simplicity is the main virtue of Weber 10020 Smokey Joe grill. Throw in suitable dampers, a super low price, and a great handle. It couldn't get any better!

5. Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle – Propane Fueled

Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle – Propane Fueled

This is a simple tabletop griddle for camping. Although Blackstone haven't put too much consideration into designing camping grills, they have lovely tabletop grills. These can be used for camping and 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle – Propane Fueled is one of them.


Below are some of the notable features of Blackstone Table Top Grill- 17-inch Portable Gas Griddle.

1. Easily Portable

This being meant for camping, it should be easily portable, and for sure, it is thanks to its lightweight. This makes it idle for use in camping and outdoor events and the perfect choice for small kitchens. However, it doesn't have its own stand and features tiny feet that make it difficult to stand on its own.

2. Functionality

Blackstone Tabletop Grill- 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle uses a single 12,000 BTU burner shaped by H. This provides quite good and even heating to its cooking space of 260 square inches. If you are looking for a perfect unit, this is exceptionally unique. The easy ignition and adjustability of this grill are highly recommendable.

3. Price

This griddle offers you great features that would make you think it's such an expensive choice. However, it's very affordable and almost a quarter of what our best choice grill offers you. And at the same time, it takes up a tiny space.

4. Quite challenging To Store

The basic construction of this griddle makes it quite challenging as far as storage is concerned. Its possibility of getting snuggled on things during storage is very high. Since the top doesn't attach to the frame during storage, it makes things even worse, giving it the pain to move.


  • Griddle Tops: griddle tops feature unparalleled versatility when cooking, and Blackstone Table Top is no exception. The griddle heats evenly perform well and can heat almost anything in a snap. Just imagine the delicious taste of homemade pancakes away from home!
  • Easily Portable: the lightweight of this griddle makes it easily portable for the most part. This makes it an excellent choice for camping and other outdoor activities. At the same time, it still works perfectly well for intermittent home use. Once you are done with your camping, there's no need to chucking it in a box and forgetting about it.


  • Rough and Ugly: although this grill is firmly constructed, it has a rough and ugly appearance. Worse still, if you are not careful, it is elementary to drop it on the ground. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a storage bag specially made for this griddle.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

When given to choose between a grill and a griddle that is not multipurpose, a griddle would come in handy. With a griddle, you will cook almost anything, but grills tend to be more limited to specific food types.

Camping Grill Buying Guide

If it is your first time to buy a camping grill, it is just normal to get stranded in choosing the best. A camping grill is slightly complicated compared to other small gas grills placed in your patios and balconies. Below are a few things you should consider when making your choice.


When choosing different materials to use in constructing a grill steel tops the list. Its perfect confluence of durability, lightweight, and relatively low conductivity can be attributed to its greatness. Although aluminum is definitely cheap, a good conductor of heat, and lightweight, keeping the grill warm is quite challenging.

Steel is suitable for the cooktop; however, ceramic works even better as it efficiently heats up evenly. Simultaneously, it is ideal for retaining heat, and when turned off, it cools down much faster than steel.


A right grill needs high British Thermal Units (BTU) output. This is roughly between 60 and 100 BTU/ square inch. This means a 300 square inch grill will need to have not less than 18,000 BTU. The amount of heat is not all; how evenly it heats your grilling surface is also very important. If not very controlled, it is possible to have overkill.

If you find a grill whose BTU is grossly out of the above estimates, be very cautious. This is because it can either dry out or quickly burn whatever you are cooking. Too high BTU can be stated as an advantage, but it is a drawback. The heat regulation of such a grill is already borked.

Power Source

There are different types of power sources you can choose from depending on your preference and availability when it comes to electricity that should be totally out of the question since we are talking about camping. Although you might come across camping sites with access to electricity, we might choose to go wild once in a while.

Charcoal and wood might be easy to come by, but they might not be a perfect choice, especially on a rainy day. Therefore, the best and the most convenient power source remaining is propane gas. Using propane means with a single button press, the grill is easily ignited. It is never fun to fiddle with pilot lights, especially when in deep woods.


A grill that is simply a grill is well fitted for home use. However, if you want something that will serve you better in camping and other outdoor activities, it must be versatile. This is even more important if you are planning to go camping for more than a weekend.

Rangetop is more preferred for such kinds of grills. This makes it possible to enjoy cooking a huge variety of foods. If you wish to cook eggs for breakfast and fish or other similar foods for lunch, it is easily doable. Some of these foods tend to lose most of its moisture or fall apart when cooked on a grill. The multiple burners are also a necessity if you need to cook two different meals consecutively. 


None of us would be comfortable buying a product that even the manufacturer is not sure about its quality. The easiest way of telling a company's confidence in its quality is by looking at the warranty. This is not just necessary for camping grills but also for any other appliance in the market.

The importance of a warranty is even more critical when buying an appliance for traveling with. Trusting a product to go backwoods campsites and other crazy places with high risks of getting it damaged is not easy. If you are assured of free service or replacement in case a disaster would be the best news.

Few Outdoor Cooking Tips

  • · Choose a reliable and leveled grilling spot that is free of debris. to brush dry leaves, grass and twigs away, carry a hand broom with you. 
  • Ensure no branches are hanging low around the grill. The camping supplies like chairs, tents, and coolers should also be away from the grill. 
  • Keep the lid of the grill open when starting it. Igniting the grill with a closed lid can cause gas build-up. 
  • Never leave the grill unattended when grilling. 
  • Once you are through with your cooking, don't pack the grill until it has cooled down.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Where do you intend to use the grill the most?

Are you planning to use it for camping, backyards, RVing, picnics, or tailgating? This will help you in choosing the right grill for the job.

2. Which food do you enjoy grilling on your camping spree?

Are you a fan of smoked chicken, steaks, sausages and burgers, steamed veggies, or what?

3. How many people will you be serving during the camp?

The size of a grill matters a lot, and it can easily be determined by looking at the number of people expected to be served from the grill.

4. What is the convenient power source?

Are you fascinated by the extra flavor of grilling on a charcoal grill that brings the convenience of igniting and using a gas grill?


The quality and type of grill you choose can make or break the fun of your camping. These are the features that bring out the difference between a memorable or mediocre meal. Give your family, friends, and any other person around the campsite an experience they will never forget by choosing the right grill!