The 5 Best Flat Top Grills in 2022 – Detailed Review

The possibility of seeing a chef standing in front of a flat-top grill in a busy diner is very high. They will use every inch of the grill's wide and flat surface to churn out every piece of pancakes, fried eggs, and burgers, among many others. The good thing is, you don't have to go for the large, expensive grills. Below are a few best flat-top grills that you can never go wrong with.

Our Choice:

Blackstone 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle

Blackstone 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle

Blackstone has become a force to reckon with in the grilling world. Many cooks are now running to the charming beauty and quality of Blackstone grills. One of their best models is Blackstone 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle.


Below are a few features you will love about Blackstone 36 inch flat top griddle.

1. Durability and Ease of Movement

This is one of the best and the most durable griddles in the market. It features a combination of a cold-rolled steel cooktop, black steel frame, and stainless steel burners. These result in a very sturdy and precious grill. For easy movement, this griddle has four industrial-strength casters attached to the base of its trolley. Two of these casters can be locked to provide more stability.

2. Spacious Cooking Surface

This griddle weighs 120 pounds and measures 62.5 * 22 * 36 inches. It provides a huge flat-top grilling surface of approximately 720 square inches. This covers four independently controlled stainless steel burners providing an impressive 60,000 BTUs with different heat zones.

3. Great Heat Retention

One of the challenges that cook faces when grilling is getting a grill with good heat retention. With the Blackstone 36 inch outdoor griddle, there is nothing to worry about. The thick, cold-rolled steel cooking surface makes this a thing of the past. It also ensures you get even cooking across the surface.

4. Easy To Assemble

Assembling this griddle takes you about 10 minutes or even less. The main body is permanently built, but the cooking surface, which is quite heavy (almost 50 pounds), is supplied separately in the box. All you will need to assemble the griddle is a crescent wrench and a screwdriver. If you plan to use indoors, it is advisable to make it indoors, as getting it through the door fully assembled might be a challenge.

The regulator and the hose are already attached. The different kit includes all the ignition mechanisms and the burner valve knobs you need for operation. There are steel cart legs that fold down to make it easy for you to fix two side shelves and a bottom shelf. It will also be your work to fix the bracket for clamping the propane cylinder.


  • Extremely durable thanks to its all-steel construction.
  • Very easy to assemble, even for beginners. 
  • Compared to many other home gas griddles, this has a larger cooking area. 
  • Since the propane tank is attached to the stand; there are no more trailing hoses. 
  • Plenty of work and storage surfaces.
  • Even heat transfer per square inch of the cooking surface.


  • The side-mounted drip tray makes grease management more challenging.
  • Short, 90-day warranty.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

If you want to earn respect in your neighborhood when it comes to food preparation, Blackstone BS36 is a must-have. It doesn't only give you a full breakfast but steaks too. Finding a traditional grill with the same huge grilling surface at such a great price is almost impossible!

Best Flat Top Grill 2021 Review

Below is a list of other few best flat-top grills that you would enjoy trying out.

1.Royal Gourmet Regal GB4000 4 Burner Gas Griddle

1.Royal Gourmet Regal GB4000 4 Burner Gas Griddle

When we talk of class in grilling, it is all about choosing the right grill for the job. We would never mention the best without mentioning Gourmet products. Royal Gourmet is an American company located in Georgia, and it's known for its expertise in outdoor grilling solutions. One of the best products by Gourmet is the Regal GB4000 4 Burner Gas Griddle.


Below are the features of Regal GB4000 4 Burner Gas Griddle.

1. Large Cooking Area

Gourmet Regal GB4000 weighs approximately 125 pounds with a thickness of 3/16 inch and measures 63.8″ x 22.4″ x 34.6″ inches. The cold-rolled steel cooking plate provides you with a cooking area of 784 square inches. This is big enough to serve you a family and friends without having to prepare additional meals.

2. Functionality

This grill features four stainless steel burners that are controlled separately with a BTU of 13,000 each. This gives room for great heat control with different temperature cooking zones evenly spread across the surface. One of the features that you will fall in love with is the extensive capacity grease collection underneath the firebox. The capacity grease collection needs less emptying.

3. Portability

The ergonomic design uses a black powder-coated frame while the four casters and brakes are attached to legs. This makes the grill much more comfortable to move around. Two sizeable fold-down side tables are holding up to 25 pounds each. This will not make it easier for you to move the grill, but they also come in handy when preparing or storing your foods.

4. Needs Some Assembling

This arrives as a single package for assembly. However, bearing in mind it weighs 125 pounds, you will need an extra hand in assembling it. You will find the main body in the box, the steel frame, and a thick cold-rolled steel cooking plate. There are also 3-inch casters attached at its base.

A stainless steel fascia has all the ignition controls and the knobs already assembled. I do not forget the brackets and the two side shelves that need to be fixed to the griddle's sides. For more accessible storage and transportation, the legs fold up.


  • Large cooking space that quickly heats thanks to its 52,000 BTUs. 
  • The thick griddle top provides you with even cooking and better heat retention.
  •  The extensive grease collection under the firebox is easy to empty once you are through with your cooking. 
  • Customizing your griddling and using different heat zones is easy thanks to the four independently controlled burners. 
  • Sturdy, foldable shelves compared to what you get in many other carts. 
  • Easy to clean stainless-steel control panel, which is also built for longevity. 
  • The casters are made of good industrial material that makes it easy to move on any surface, including rocky and more rugged terrain.


  • No fixings or brackets for securing the propane tank when pushing or moving it around. There is only a flimsy hook. 
  • Cleaning the grease management system is a bit difficult due to the heavyweight of the top. This is because not all grease drips are collected in the tray.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

This grill slightly falls under our overall best due to its marginally less power and slightly smaller size. However, it is an excellent choice for cooks who prefer larger cooking surfaces for use in backyard events or parties.

2.Blackstone Table Top Model

2.Blackstone Table Top Model

Are you looking for the best tabletop flat top grill, the Blackstone tabletop model would be the best. This is a quality product from our principal company Blackstone. It is a smaller and easily portable griddle with great features that you will fall in love with.


1. Light in Weight and Easily Portable

If camping, tailgating, boating, and other outdoor activities are your thing, this should be your choice grill. It weighs 21 pounds and measures 17.5 x 18 x 8.5 inches. This is far less what our top pick weighs and hence, making it the best choice to move around as it is incredibly portable. The small one-pound propane bottle easily fits into most car trunks.

2. Cooking Space

Although this grill is not as big as our top choice, it is big enough at 268 square of the cooking surface. If you want to prepare foods for most small family meals, this space is more than enough.

3. Functionality

It has a single burner operating on 12,000 BTU and features an electronic igniter. The grill is extremely easy to use, and the drip tray and the integrated grease management at the front of the unit. Its simplicity has made it stand out among other small flat-top grills.
The Blackstone Table Top Model features a thick cold-rolled steel flat top surface that is 1/8 inch. It is powered by an H-shaped burner, providing you with even heat distribution. For temperature control, you are provided with an easy-to-use dial graduated from low to high. Meant to connect to standard 1-pound propane gas cylinders and has rubber feet for stability.


  • You can conveniently store the cooking plate upside down. 
  • The whole cooking surface heats up quickly, thanks to the H-shaped burner.
  •  Well-constructed for durability. 
  • The grill is all-steel built, making it easy to clean. 
  • With the griddle surface flapping over, it will be safe for travelers. 
  • No more matches as it features a piezo ignition that is reliable and easy to clean.


  • No preparation space
  • The heat and the cooking surface is not enough to cook larger volumes of food.
  • The grease cup is relatively small, and hence, it needs regular emptying while cooking.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

If you plan to try out your grilling expertise on your next camping trip, Blackstone Table Top Model will make things much more manageable. It is much more comfortable and convenient to set up and use compared to a traditional grill.

3. Camp Chef 2-in-1 Flat Top Griddle and Grill

3. Camp Chef 2-in-1 Flat Top Griddle and Grill

When it comes to buying a grill or a griddle, sometimes we tend to get confused in choosing the best. However, if you get a flat top grill that also works as a griddle, it makes things much easier for you. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600 is a griddle that can also use as a traditional grill.


Below are notable features of Camp Chef 2-In-1 Flat Top Griddle and grill.

1. Multipurpose

Just as the name suggests, this is a two one griddle that enables you to enjoy sear grill grate marks on your steak. And serves you when you need the versatility of cooking smaller, more delicate items or breakfast foods on a flat top grill.

Although many griddles in the market allow you to remove the steel plates, not all can function as a grill. The burners commonly feature little or no protection from dripping juices or grease. This clogs the griddle or can lead to a flare-up or a malfunction. However, with Camp Chef 2-In-1 Flat Top Griddle and Grill, all this is catered for.

2. Functionality

The grill comes with four burners with 12,000 BTU with a flat top cooking surface of approximately 604 square inches. No need to carry matches with you thanks to the matchless ignition. Revealing the interchangeable top gives you access to a traditional grilling grate measuring 501 square inches.

3. Features Side Shelves

Grilling without a working area can be very challenging. Therefore, Camp Chef thought of making this easy for you by including two folding side shelves to this model. There is also a side-mounted bracket, not forgetting the grease management system with a bucket collection. The packaging also comes with a regulator and a hose for a 20 lb propane cylinder.

4. Needs Assembling

This is a large product, and hence, if ordered online, you will receive it in more than one box. These boxes might be shipped separately. Therefore, before you start assembling it, make sure that you have all the parts with you. This is because the assembling can prove to be a bit challenging when compared to other griddles out there.

The assembling needs a screwdriver (preferably Philips screwdriver) and an adjustable wrench. To attach the legs and shelves, it will be much easier to do it when the main body is turned upside down. Ensure the deflector hoods are placed over the burners when it comes to building the grill. Once you place the deflector hoods, you can set the grates followed by the top's griddle surface.


  • Matchless ignition.
  • If you want to enjoy a traditional grilling experience, all you need to do is remove the griddle top.
  • Stainless steel deflector hoods placed over the burners ensure all the grease is directed into a grease management system. 
  • Two under-griddle shelves where you can store your food and cooking tools. 
  • Plenty of preparation surfaces and large cooking space. 
  • Four independent burners are giving you more control over temperature. 
  • The grill features low-to-high temperature-marked dials making the grill easy to use.


  • Only two wheels, which make it difficult to move the grill. When in use, it can wobble slightly. 
  • The grates underneath absorbing heat prevent the flat top to heat up evenly. 
  • The griddle top and the separate grates needing attention makes this unit harder to clean. 
  • Large footprint and a drip tray attached to the side shelves make it a bit complicated as you cannot use the griddle if these are not up.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

If you want the option of a griddle surface and a traditional gas grill, you can purchase an attachable plate for your grill. You can also buy a grill/griddle like what Camp Chef is offering you!

4. Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle

4. Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle

Cuisinart CGG-501 is another portable flat top grill, which is an impressive and compact unit. Considering it is from a well-known appliance manufacturer, you could never expect anything less than quality.


Just to give it a clearer picture, here are some of its most notable features.

1. Functionality

This grill offers you two different burners and not one with a heat output of 20,000 BTUs. With this, you are guaranteed different heat zones. The attached hose uses a 20-pound propane cylinder, and hence, it might not be the best choice for camping and outdoor activities.

Although the 2-burner design is an added advantage, it can become a problem if you don't know how to control the temperatures. This is because it might get boiling. If not well-controlled, it can lead to overcooked or burned foods.

2. Spacious Cooking Space

This grill weighs 25 pounds and measures 21.00 x 20.50 x 9.00 inches with a 285 square inches' cooking surface. The compact footprint makes the grill a better choice for cooking a steak dinner when using a patio, deck, or even when RVing.

3. Easy To Assemble

The grill comes in four separate parts. The four legs are attached to the base of the grill's painted steel body. This is followed by placing the thick cold-rolled steel griddle plate on the top side. There are two side handles attached to the main body for more comfortable carrying.

Next to the two burners, you find a large drip tray sliding in and out of the frontage. While the hose and regulator are meant to connect the grill to the gas cylinder.


  • Durable.
  • There is more versatility, thanks to the two burners controlled independently.
  • Heats up very fast, and the 20,000 BTUs of heat makes it a rugged grill. 
  • The twist and turn ignition are very easy to use. 
  • Cooking plates are easily removed for easy cleaning. 
  • 3-year warranty period, which is relatively high compared to many other models at similar prices.


  • The 4 feet long hose is quite short, considering it's connected to a 20-pound propane cylinder. 
  • The heat control knobs are not marked. The grill often gets above 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and hence, your foods can overcook if you don't know how to use the knobs.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

For those steak dinners on your patio or outdoor breakfasts, this is the best compact for you. It is quick, easy to use, and a compact portable grill that you would appreciate having around!

5. Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Kettle Griddle

5. Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Kettle Griddle

Another grill accessory company we can never ignore when talking about flat-top grills is Onlyfire. Onlyfire also has a kamado-style or a circular griddle for kettle grills, and it gives you great quality products.


In case you are wondering why this grill has found a place in our list of the best flat-top grills, here is why:

1. Great Quality

Just like the Little Griddles circular product, Onlyfire is also on top of the game. They have done justice to this 6.5 pound, 17.5 x 20.2 x 3.2 inches flat top grill. This accessory is made of stainless steel. At the same time, it features a vented cross-brace system. The main difference between this product and the kettle grills is the stainless steel handles that are built-in.

2. Easy To Use

This grill has no much assembling to do. Additionally, the built-in stainless steel handles make it easier for you to assemble and move the grill. Although the cooking surface is a little thinner, it is enough to serve a small family. The grill doesn't have a lifetime warranty but comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Offers good value for money
  • Large grease well prevents flare-ups.
  • It is easier to clean thanks to the stainless-steel material used on the grill.
  • Built-in handles make it easier for you to fix and move the grill around.
  • 5-inch raised edge makes it easier for you to flip pancakes and eggs without losing them


  • The non-stick surface is not as non-stick as they advertise.
  • The stainless steel grill is not the best as far as heat retention is concerned.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

If you have tried the Weber Kettle Grill, you will love this even more. This is more ideal as it seems it has been designed with your best will at heart. It fits perfectly inside your grill and performs a decent job.

A Propane Flat Top Grill Buying Guide

Buying a good quality flat top grill is very important for any grill master. However, this happens to be a challenge for many people, especially if you are just a beginner in this industry. Therefore, we thought it fair to make things easy for you by preparing this buying guide. Below are a few things you need to check before you bring that unit home.


1. BTUs

BTU is an abbreviation of the British Thermal Unit. This is one of the things you will find on every grill listing in the market, and they are not a measure of grill heat. The best way to put it is that BTU measures the efficiency of a grill. Although it is one of the most important considerations for many grill masters, it should not be your first point. This is because many salespeople and online sales are misusing it.
To ensure that you don't fall into your trap, make your choice carefully, and let BTU be the last thing you will check. You can give incorrect information about BTU but not its cooking capacity, numbers of burners, and many other points.


2. Numbers of Burners

A small grill is meant to have one or two burners. A medium grill has two to three burners. The large grill has more than three burners. The needs of the buyer will determine the number of burners in a grill. Multiple burners offer you cooking zones with different temperatures. This will allow you to perfectly brown some baby carrots at lower temperatures and sear a steak at high heat simultaneously.


3. Quality

How many grills have you seen sitting at a local dump or in a pile by the roadside? It is not because the owners bought a new one and decided to dispose of the old grill, no. Unfortunately, they bought a grill of low quality without their knowledge, and it broke down within a few years of use.

The wide range of grills in the market has made it easier for us to own a grill. However, many are made of cheap material that rusts and falls apart after a few years. Fortunately, there are also many incredibly durable options. They are heftier and made of thicker-gauge metal. This becomes the last grill you will ever purchase.


Ease Of Use

Whether you are a beginner or a master in grilling, none of us would want to go for a complicated unit. When shopping, make sure that you go for a grill that is easy to use and easy to assemble. An ordinary grill should take not more than 10 minutes to complete. When it comes to lighting, an automatic lighter will come in handy compared to using matches.
A thermometer is also necessary when it comes to checking the temperatures of a grill. Simultaneously, the knobs should be well indicated to make it easier for you to control your cooking temperatures.


The Cooking Area

It is possible to assume the cooking area of a grill merely is width multiplied depth. However, this is not entirely true. It is important to you take note of the grease tray when making this assumption. The grease trench of most griddles is an inch-wide at the front. This is usually used to catch any drippings. The greater the depth, the more it will be able to see. Hence, this will reduce the need for emptying it.

The cooking area of a grill should be large enough to fit your needs as an individual. If you plan to cook for a big family, consider buying a medium-sized Or, If possible, buy a large unit. But if you are a small family, then a tiny grill would be perfectly fine.


Ease of Cleaning

Do you think a metal sheet would work better on top of your grill? But have you considered what will happen to all the grease on your grill? As you fry those eggs or cook those meats, you'll be disappointed to see pools of fat on your working surface. A regular drip is understandable, but when it goes beyond that, it is a problem.
It is essential to specify the quality of your griddles due to the grease management issue. Large amounts of grease are messy and dangerous as they can cause flare-ups or even hazardous flames. A grease collection trench or a drip tray at the front of your griddle is considered cleaner, healthier, and safer.
With just a spatula, you will be able to scrape away unwanted grease or juices in the tray as you cook. At the end of your cooking, cleaning up the grill will be much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it advisable to clean the grill before use?

Once your griddle arrives, the first thing you should do is to give it a soapy wash. This removes any residue from manufacturing shipping or storage. To avoid washing away the seasoning, use soap on a brand new product only.

2. How do you dry a cooking surface?

Use a paper towel to dry the grill, then give it time to dry out before using or storing it completely.

3. What does a black surface in a griddle indicate?

Your griddle is usually silver in color. However, once used, the black surface appears. This is a sign of seasoning, and it is natural and stick-resistant, but it is manually created on a brand new product.

4. How do you store your flat top grill?

A griddle should be stored in a clean, dry place to avoid rust. But it should also be cold enough for the safety of your propane tanks. If you rarely use the grill, it is advisable to remove the griddle top and put it in a closet


Once you are through with your grill, it is essential to handle it carefully. The durability of your flat top grill highly depends on how well you take it. To avoid damaging the surface, don't put anything on the griddle.