Best Gas Grill Under $500 – Top 3 in 2022 Review

If outdoor events are your thing, and you enjoy spending time in the backyard through almost all seasons of the year. There must be one of the essential things in your kitchen is a grill. This is because they are a fantastic and entertaining way for your family and friends over the weekends and the holidays. It is time to enjoy having a good time with people close to your heart! In this article, we will list down a few of the best gas grills under 500 USD.

A grill is a beautiful place where people gather, cook, and talk while having a hot beverage on a cold day. Luckily, you don't have to spend so much to own a grill. There are many grills out there that are very affordable.  

Why Go For an Affordable Grill?

If you are getting started in the grilling world, thinking about budgeting for a costly grill would be a challenge. To avoid finding yourself pushing the grill to the next payday, go for an effective and affordable product. At the same time, since you are a beginner, it is more advisable to go for a less complicated grill.

If your budget is $500 and below, there are countless brands and offers that you would be spoilt for choice. However, some of these brands will be better than others. Therefore, you need time to go through them and be sure that you come up with the best gas grill under 500.

Below are some of the grills that you will never be disappointed with.

1.Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310

1.Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310

Whichever category of grills you are looking for, you will always find Weber among the list. Weber has committed themselves to rule in the world of grilling with their magical grills for both high class and low-class grilles. If you want to own a classic unit in the affordable range, Weber Spirit II E-310 makes the best choice.

Weber has built a reputation for their products over the years. Looking at all the benefits that come with Weber Spirit II, E-310 tells it all. Some of these benefits include:


A grill is not highly rated more because of its looks but because of how it works. We order a grill depending on its cooking effectiveness and speed. With the Weber Spirit II E-310 unit, you get a compact, rugged grill that guarantees you even heat transfer. The grill is also cooked as it is more powerful than you would expect from a grill at its price range.

Cooking Space

Apart from a grill's performance, it is also essential to consider the cooking grill's space. For Spirit II E-310, it offers you a total of 529 square inches of cooking space. This is enough cooking space to make several different kinds of foods that will feed a relatively good number. For regular feeders, you can provide at least 7 to 8 adults.

Infinity Ignition

What infinity ignition means is that the igniter will be able to ignite the grill every time you need to use it. Although this might look like an empty claim, it is simply nothing like that. To back up their claim, Weber offers you a 10-year warranty, which is enough to show you the confidence they have in their products.

Weber Flavor Bars

The Weber flavor bars are an essential feature for anyone who knows the importance of the tasty drippings. These bars help in catching the drippings that will smoke, adding a nice flavor to your meal. Weber Flavor Bars feature a grease management system that reduces the risk of any flare-ups and accidental fires in the grill. The drip tray can easily be removed for cleaning.

Porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates

Although there are some features you can ignore, porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates are not one of them. The same material used on the grates is also what you find on the warming rack. Other additional features include folding side tables, open cart design, and integrated hooks. All these add to the quality and the sturdiness of your grill.


  • Massive cooking space.
  • Weber Flavor Bars give you tasty food.
  • The grill works much better compared to many other grills under this price range.
  • Features side shelves that you can use to prepare your food.


  • Although this grill features two wheels, it is not easily portable.
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates might be considered as an advantage to many, but it is not the case for all.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

Being fair in our judgment, we can all agree that this grill has a lot to boast of. This makes it one of the best choices for your backyard grilling!

2. Blackstone 36" Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

Blackstone 36" Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

It is good to give credit where it is due. With Blackstone 36" Outdoor Flat Top Gas grill, you are given more than what you bargained for. This is a bit different from what is offered by Weber and Char-broil units. This is because the company comes in handy for people who are fond of hosting large gatherings. The grill is a professional quality grill providing you restaurant-grade regardless of its pocket-friendly pricing.

This grill features many great qualities that you will be proud of, and some of them are listed below:

Massive flat top grilling griddle

This grill offers you a total of 720 square inches on the grilling griddle. This will allow you to do more than just vegetables and meat. You can cook almost all types of food with such a grill. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner delicacies, it will all be done like a flash of an eye. The grill allows you to get the most of it, which is a great thing.

Aside from the shelf

The grill does feature a side shelf and a removable cutting board, hooks for a trash bag, and a paper towel holder. These are some very unique features that you might find difficult to get from a grill under that price tag.

Rear grease management system

One of the most challenging parts of grill management is cleaning it. Many people find it very difficult to clean a grill. However, the rear grease management system is the best news you would ever hear. This system reduces the intensity of the mess caused by grease droplets and the problems associated with it.

Four Different Burners

As we have noted above, this is a griddle. However, the best part about it is that it offers you four different burners, which means you are offered four distinct zones with the griddle. With this, you will be able to make several different types of food at a go. Much still, these four burning zones are operated differently. Therefore, it is possible to control the temperature for each of these four zones.

Easy To Use

There is an electric push-button igniter. This means igniting the grill is made fast and easy. The grill has two locking casters that make it firm and safe and prevent it from warbling once set for use. One more additional feature is the black powder-coated steel frame. This ensures that your grill is durable.


Once in a while, we might be forced to move our grills from one place to another. Although not necessarily traveling around with, but also moving it around your compound. With Blackstone 36" this is very easy as it is fitted with four quality caster wheels. This explains why the grill is known as an outdoor Flat Top grill.


  • Easy to clean: this grill is easy to clean thanks to the unique grease management system fitted on the grill.
  • Easy to move: although this grill is quite large and not convenient for events like picnics, it is easy to move around the compound. This is thanks to the four caster wheels fitting.
  • Massive cooking space: the cooking space of a grill is one thing you need to consider when buying a grill. Whether you have a large family or not, it is safer to have a large cooking space than a small one.


  • Quite Heavy: For people who enjoy picnics, boating, and many other outdoor activities, this might be the right grill for you.
  • Uses a griddle and not grates: although griddles have many advantages, not everyone considers it an advantage. Some people think this a downside.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

Blackstone is known for designing good quality and durable grills. With 36" Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station, it has stamped this fact. Try it out and see what it is made of!

3.Char-Broil Performance 300

3.Char-Broil Performance 300

You might not be looking for a grill as big as a Weber Spirit II above. Char-Broil Performance 300 might be the best choice for such a case. There are different reasons for recommending Char-Broil, one being the fact that it is from a well-known brand. This means the quality of the grill and its performance is not compromised.

Adding to various features associated with this grill, I am sure you'll fall in love with it. Some of these features include;

Medium Size Cooking Space

Char-Broil is an excellent grill as it offers you a cooking space of 300 square inches. Although this might not be big enough for a large family, it is good enough for a small family. In addition to the 300 square inches cooking space, you also get an extra 100 square inches on its swing-away rack. This means it will be fit enough to give enough space at any time.

An In-built Temperature Gauge

Our well-refined stainless steel grill comes fitted with a temperature gauge that is mounted right on the lid. This makes things easy for you to monitor the temperature of the food being cooked. At the same time, it is the easiest way of controlling the heat of your grill. This becomes an added advantage for chefs since you will be forced to get an external temperature.

Fast and Reliable Performance

The electronic ignition featured on this grill as it provides you with fast and reliable startups. The storage cabinet situated below the main grill arena offers you easy access to the propane tank. Therefore, turning the grill on and off and changing the propane tank is an advantage that we cannot ignore. The storage cabinet is also perfect for you to store all your cooking accessories.

Foldable Side Shelves

Not all grills have side shelves for use when preparing your food and serving food once in a while. Therefore, getting one under this price range is excellent news. However, this offers you more than the side shelves, these shelves are foldable, and hence, it takes less space during storage.

Easy To Move Around

Char-Broil 300 features four durable caster wheels, which makes it easy to move around. Two of these wheels are lockable, but when you need to move the grill around the compound or from the yard, the deck, or patio to the house, you unlock them. Once you have the grill where you want it, you can lock the two wheels to give you stability. This also prevents the grill from moving when in use.


  • Guarantees you even cooking every time.
  • Great cooking surface. 
  • Features in-built temperature gauge.
  • Side shelves for working on. 
  • Cabinet storage space below the grill. 
  • Easy to move around thanks to the four mounted wheels.


  • Relatively small cooking space (300 square inches).
  • Rusts when left with water for an extended period.

Why do We Recommend this Grill?

If you are looking for a budget grill that guarantees you plenty of great features and you don't have much space, Char-Broil Performance will do. Checking out this grill will not do you any harm as you might end up falling for it!

Buyers Guide For Best Gas Grill Under $500

After looking at the four grills listed above and many more you find in the market, coming up with a concrete decision might be a problem. It is for this reason that we prepared the tips below to work as your buyers guide. This will make things easier for you to weigh the available options. These tips are:


Consider The Available Features

The fact that you are buying a cheap grill doesn't mean that you are given substandard products. Take time to focus on the benefits of each particular grill and the features it offers you. Compare these features with those offered by other more expensive units.

More expensive grills might have whistles and bells to add to its looks. However, the features it offers will be of similar quality to those less expensive grills. Some of the features that should be a must on the grill you buy are temperature gauges, warming racks, and hanging shelves. These should be standard for both cheap and expensive grills.


Total Cooking Surface Area

When considering the grill to go with, always consider the size of the cooking surface. This is because, although you might not have a large grill at the time of purchase, it might come in handy later on in life. Since you will get many large units under this price range, there is no need to buy a small company.

When checking the cooking surface area, don't leave any stone unturned. Include the warming racks and side burners, if any, to be sure of what you are going for. The grill you choose should be large enough to suffice all your grilling needs.


Versatility and Functionality

A best gas grill should be able to provide easy temperature range control. It should also be flexible and functional enough to enable you to grill or fry at the same time without any problem. Under this price range, a grill deserves to be fitted with wheels for more comfortable transport and improved mobility.


Side Burners and Tables/Shelves

Although it is not a must-have, a side burner makes your life much more comfortable. The side burner also adds extra space to your total cooking surface capacity, which is very important. Therefore, if you plan to use the grill for larger parties, the side burners should be an essential consideration.

Many of the grills under this price range also come with either a side table or a side shelf. This provides you with enough preparation space, and at the same time, it provides you with room for placing your utensils. To add on these, if you can get a grill with hooks for hanging your utensils, without compromising on the quality, the better.



When choosing a grill under $500, it is essential to check on the BTU recorded under every product description. This gives you a clear picture of the amount of power the grill can create. If you choose to go to a large unit with an extensive cooking area, make sure that it has more BTUs. This is because the grill will need more power to heat your grill.

The above comparison is just a simple way of enabling you to understand the relationship between the grill's overall size and the power provided. The larger the grill, the more

Is A Gas Grill Better Than a Charcoal Grill?

To date, there are still many proponents who prefer using a charcoal grill over a gas grill. However, all factors considered, a gas grill is much better than a charcoal grill. Below are some advantages of using a gas grill over a charcoal grill.


Gets Much Hotter Than a Charcoal Grill

When it comes to lighting a charcoal grill, the process takes much longer than a gas grill. At the same time, the grill gets much hotter compared to a charcoal grill. If you have ever tried grilling using a charcoal grill, you can agree that it seems like it took ages to get started. However, when it comes to a gas grill, all you need is to press a button to ignite it, and the grill starts heating up immediately.


It cooks the food more evenly and faster.

When a gas grill is thoroughly heated, it is around 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other side, a charcoal grill burns at approximately 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This kind of temperature helps you cook your food more evenly and much faster. Due to the power maintained by a gas grill, it would be the secret behind it all.


Gas Tends Up To Be Much Cheaper Than Charcoal

Considering the cost of a charcoal bag and the length of time it serves you, it ends up being more expensive than propane gas. Refilling a propane tank might seem more expensive initially. However, it will help you longer compared to a bag of charcoal provided it's used appropriately. The fact that gas cooks much faster might be one reason why it is spent less than charcoal.


Propane Gas is More Expensive

Cost and convenience are some of the reasons why many cooks tend to choose gas over charcoal. A gas grill is also much easier to handle and use, and the clean is even faster than a charcoal grill. To avoid all the pressure and stress of using a charcoal grill, make the right choice of the best gas grill under $500, you can find in the market.


No matter the grill you choose, it is essential to clean and maintain it often. Remember, the durability of your grill highly depends on how well you can keep the grill. Therefore, always take the necessary precautions and give your grill the attention it deserves if you want to have it around for longer.