Best Material For Outdoor Grill Cover 

Grill covers are made so that you can protect your grill from the outdoor elements of wind and rain. They can harm your grill and lead to an early death. It is better to buy good grill covers so that you can enjoy the services of the grill for a long time. Now, there is an art of choosing a good grill cover too. You can't just buy the first one you see on the internet. Grill cover material is the most important factor to consider. Take a look. 

Grill Cover Materials

The grill covers can come in a variety of materials and they are all different from each other and serve a different purpose altogether. There are some materials that are considered to be ideal and others that are not so good. For example, we have a cloth cover that is not good for the winter and rainy season. Vinyl or plastic on the other hand can offer a lot of protection because they are hardy and can withstand any form of rain and heat. 

Water resistance of the material used to make the cover is also a very important factor to consider when you are buying a grill cover. It is important to have a water-resistant material because you don't want water to go into the nooks and crevices of your grill. Covers are important to understanding the preservation and protection of the grill.

Many people fail to understand the importance of a cover and they do not want to spend an extra buck on it. What they don't understand is that a single investment might have saved them the trouble of buying a new grill in the future, which will cost more than a cover. 

The Two Types Of Grill Covers

You love to cook outside and share good memories with your friends and family. It seems so adorable to have such moments but you need to care for your grill too. Your grill brings you all together and provides you with the food. The kitchen is always said to be the heart of the home and the grill is also acting in a similar manner. If you want your grill to last and such good moments to happen again then you have to protect your grill. 

No matter how costly the grill is and how many good materials are used to make the grill, they are not going to withstand the onslaught of nature without a grill cover. Many people prefer to store their grill in a closed space or under the patio. If your grill is fixed and too heavy to move then you need a grill cover. You also need a cover if you are storing your grill. The only difference is that you can do with a cheaper cover if you are keeping it indoors. 

There are two basic categories of grill covers that you are going to find based on the materials of the cover - 

  • Cloth covers which are known to protect the grills from the UV rays of the sun. However, they are not waterproof and they might get ruined pretty easily.
  • Vinyl and plastic covers that are strong and durable. They cost more but they can protect your grill from UV rays as well as the different elements of nature.

If you are going to keep your grill outdoors all year then it is the only option to buy the second one. 

When To Use A Cloth Grill Cover?

Cloth grill covers are not meant for year round protection. The cloth grill cover is going to protect your grill from the sun, light rain and any kind of debris. You should use a cloth grill covet when you are storing the grill in your garage. They are cheap and easy to use. You can also make one yourself if you are experienced in the art of making clothes or sewing. They are not waterproof so they are not going to be the best option if you leave your grill outdoors all year. 

Cloth grill covers might protect your grill from the minor elements but if you want proper protection then you have to go for the plastic or vinyl covers. It is understood by the manufacturers too and they have started closing the production of cloth grill covers. You might have some trouble finding a cloth grill cover for your grill model. 

Heavy-duty Protection Of Plastic And Vinyl Covers

Plastic and vinyl covers might be expensive but they are the best bet of protecting your grill. They are waterproof fabric and they can withstand the elements of nature. It does not matter if it is stroming or raining heavily. The plastic cover is going to protect your grill from it all. The plastic covers can be lined which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. The lined grill helps to maintain the temperature of the grill inside which is going to allow the grill to prevent any form of condensation. 

If you are in a place where it snows frequently then this might be for the best. The lining can protect your grill from the freezing temperatures. The disadvantage of such a cover is that it can allow insects and critters to nest inside the cover and they can damage your grill. This seems like double edged sword but nothing to be done.

If you live in an extremely cold country and have no other option than to leave your grill outdoors then you have to use a plastic or vinyl cover that has been lined. If you live in a place where the temperature fluctuations are not extreme or rare then go for the plastic cover without any lining. 

Should You Put Your Grill Inside When It's Freezing Outside?

It can be very harmful to your grill if you leave it outside without any protecting when it is freezing outside. The temperature can cause changes in the metal and it can affect the grill in bad ways. If it is possible you should definitely put your grill inside when it is freezing outside. Hailstorms are worse because no grill cover can protect your grill from hails. The only option you will have then is to move the grill inside. Be sure to buy portable grills if you live in an area that has frequent hail storms. 


Thank you for giving this article here a read. We are sure that you are going to protect your grill with the proper grill cover now that you understand the importance of grill covers. Do not be one of those people who do not get proper grill covers for their grills. Even if you are storing the grill indoors, keep a cloth cover on it when not in use. That's all that we have here for you. Thank you once again for sticking with us till the very end. Have a good day and take care of yourself and your grill!