Are you a fan of tender and juicy smoked meat dishes? Do you love BBQ parties with your friends and families on a weekend or a holiday? Are you planning to buy Pellet Grill, but low on your budget? You are in the right place. In this article, I have listed 7 best Pellet Grill Under 500 along with their Pros And Cons to make it easier for you to choose your right product.

Honestly, home-smoked foods and BBQ parties are ideal for satisfying our taste buds. But proper cooking equipment is required to make your cooking experience more memorable and delicious. Pellet Grills makes it versatile equipment, which offers the most authentic smokey grilling experience. These are quite popular among people who love finger-licking juicy tenders of meat. This is because Pellet Grills make it easier to cook and gives the juicy, smoky flavor from the type of wood pellet we use.

But you need not have to spend thousands of dollars to buy your own best Pellet Grill from the market. Several brands offer Pellet Grills in different price ranges. All you need to do is find out the best Pellet Grill with the specifications that suit your preferences, and at the same time, it has to be budget-friendly. 


  1.Traeger Wood Pellet Grill BBQ 155 Junior Elite

  2.Smoke Hollow PS2415 Pellet Smoker

  3.Green Mountain Davy Crockett

  4.Z- Grill ZPG 7002E Wood Pellet Grill

  5.Camp Chef Smoke Pro DLX Pellet Grill

  6.Cuisinart CPG 4000 BBQ Grill and Wood Pellet Grill Smoker

  7.Royal Gourmet PL 2032 Wood Pellet Grill



This Pellet Grill stands for its increased portability features. Traeger BBQ 155 Junior Elite has two lockable wheels and weighs only 60 pounds, making it perfect for tailgating parties with your friends and families. This product has a porcelain coated cooking grate area. The total cooking space of this product is 300 sq. in.

The exterior is made up of heavy-duty steel, which can withstand heat from the inside and other harmful elements from outside. The hopper capacity is 10lbs, and it uses 2lbs of pellet for an hour. This feature makes it easier for you to not worry about the grilling. The versatility of the product has a temperature range from 180 to 375F. Though this product has three-position controllers, it has problems in temperature fluctuations as it does not monitor the internal temperature with the outside climate.
This product's unique feature is the availability of digital Thermostat, which easily monitors the temperature readings in real time. It also has electronic auto-start ignition, which reduces your work by just plugging the switch and relaxing.

  • Built Quality
  • Easy Portability
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Electronic Auto Start Ignition
  • Slow to cook meat
  • Small Cooking Area
  • Temperature Fluctuations

Though this product does not have the best features of a higher-end Pellet Grill, it serves as one of the Top Rated Pellet Grills in terms of its size, portability, and built-in quality in this price range.



This is a feature-packed product with an ample cooking space of 440 sq. in. which serves sufficient for a large family. The grilling place is made of porcelain-coated wires. This product is made up of heavy-duty, steel barrel construction with a sturdy frame. Thus, it weighs around 120lbs, making it much harder for portability. 

This property makes the product ideal for people looking for a pellet grill to fix it in a permanent place in their house or apartment balconies. This heavy-duty steel material makes the product more durable by withstanding high temperatures from inside and other harmful elements from outside.

It has a digital LED thermostat and an internal temperature gauge. This allows you to monitor the smoking and grilling temperature easily.

This product's unique feature is the availability of the Arguer-fed Pellet system, which allows the machine to add pellets automatically whenever required. It also has an easy grease drainage system making your cleanup process faster and easier.

  • Large cooking space
  • Digital LED thermostat
  • Easy drainage system
  • Arguer-Fed Pellet System
  • Internal Temperature Gauge
  • Heavyweight
  • Less Portability option
  • Features are not clearly defined.

This product's features are not specified clearly. This makes a best Pellet Grill Under 500 for its solid construction, quality of food made in it, and many other features like Easy Drainage System, Arguer-Fed Pellet System, etc., generally not available in other products of this price range.



This is the smallest pellet grill that we have reviewed in this article about best Pellet Grill Under 500 with respect to its cooking area. It has a cooking space of 219 sq. in. Stainless steel is used for making the cooking grill. It has a 9 pounds hopper capacity. Though it has the smallest cooking area, it can hold up to 9 burgers, 10 pounds of pork butt with many vegetables. 

Though this product does not come with a wheel, it weighs 57 pounds and has foldable legs, making it easier to transport in cars, SUVs. The versatility of the product has a temperature range between 150 – 550F.

The unique feature of this product is the availability of the WIFI controller. This helps us to control and monitor all grill functions and temperature regulations from iOS or Android Mobiles. This feature is commonly available in higher-end products. It has a thermal blanket that keeps the grill warm during colder days. 

  • Smaller built
  • Thermal Blanket
  • Hopper capacity
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Has a lot of additional accessories
  • No wheels
  • Small cooking area
  • Additional shelves are bought separately.
  • Does not have an additional handle to carry

Though this product has a smaller cooking area, it is the Best Portable Pellet Grill preferred by the customers. It offers advanced features like WiFi Controller, which are generally available in the higher-end products. This product also includes additional accessories like a convenience tray, peaked lid, and meat probe.



This is an 8 in 1 Pellet Grill which allows you to bake, grill, smoke, soar, char-soar, BBQ, braise, and roast. This product has the largest cooking area of 900 sq. in. of all the products discussed in this article. This enormous cooking space makes this product idea of a large family. This product also has the largest hopper capacity of 20lbs. 

This helps you to be free from repeated pellet filling while grilling the food. The versatility of the product has a temperature range from 180 - 450F. This product has an automatic pellet filling system, which generates the right amount of heat-set by you to cook the food. It has locking caster wheels, making it ideal for tailgating parties. This product comprises a stainless steel body, making it durable from the inside heat and other outside elements. ZPG 7002E has digital temperature control, and LED Thermostat read up, making it easier for you to monitor. 
This product's unique feature is the Fan-Forced Convection Cooking availability, which creates a versatile environment for all eight functions. It also has a Specially Designed Waste Oil Controller. This feature helps in safe and easy cleaning.

  • Largest cooking space
  • Easy Drainage system
  • Largest hopper capacity
  • 8 different cooking methods
  • Fan-Forced Convection Cooking
  • Variations in temperature levels

ZPG 7002E makes the Best Budget-Friendly Pellet Grill among the products discussed in this article with all these features.



This product brings an easy and reliable smoke every time you cook. SmokePro DLX is made up of a steel body, which makes it durable and long-lasting. It has an upper grilling rack of 141 sq. in. and a lower grilling rack of 429 sq. in. thereby providing a total cooking surface of 570 sq. in. 

You can also use the upper cooking grate for warming purposes to keep your food warm until serving. Though this product weighs 140 pounds, it has castor wheels, making it easily portable and suitable for tailgating parties. This product has many technology features like Automatic Temperature Control Sensors, which helps maintain the internal heat.

This also helps you in the automatic addition or removal of the pellet used for cooking. The versatility of the product has a temperature range of 160 - 500F. It has an 18-pound hopper capacity, thereby reducing your work of refilling the pellets regularly.

This product also has a digital thermostatic display, which allows you to monitor the temperature inside the cooking chamber. This product comes with a side shelf, which will enable you to keep the grilled food before serving.

This product's unique feature is the availability of smoke control settings, which allow you to adjust the amount of smoke required for your food. It also has an Ash-Cleanout System and Grease Management System, making your cleaning work much more comfortable by just pulling a lever. 

  • Ash Cleanout System
  • Grease Management System
  • Adjustable Smoke Control Settings
  • Automatic Temperature Control Sensors
  • Temperature Fluctuations
  • Prone to damage due to weather elements
  • Challenge in removing extra pellets from the chamber

Camp Chef Smoke Pro DLX makes the Best Pellet Grill available on the market in this price range with many technological features, durability, and long-lasting properties.



This product is a 6 - in - 1 pellet grill, which allows you to Grill, Smoke, Roast, BBQ, Bake, and Braise. CPG 4000 has a total cooking surface of 450 sq. in. which allows you to cook a variety of food at the same time. The hopper capacity is 15lbs, thus allowing you to relax from the constant refilling of the pellets. Though this product weighs 103lbs, the presence of wheels and it also has additional handles to carry, making it easy for portability and tailgating parties.

The LED Thermostat makes it easier for you to monitor the temperature. This Digital Display helps you manually adjust the settings of heat options, helping you cook meat in your desired taste and flavor. This product has additional extra shelves that allow you to keep ingredients like salt, oil, spices, etc.

It has Automatic Addition and Removal of Pellets, which enables the machine to maintain the required temperature set for cooking.
This product's unique feature is the availability of a Grease Bucket Holder, which allows the machine to collect the hot grease rather than accumulate at the bottom of the grill. This product comprises cast iron and a covering of Wind and Water Resistant, making the product durable and long-lasting. 

  • Electric Ignition 
  • Grease Bucket Holder
  • Water Resistant Covering
  • Smart Temperature Control
  • Temperature Fluctuations

Though this product does not have many features as high-end Pellet Grills, it serves as one of the Top Rated Pellet Grill in this price range for its durability and additional unique features.



This product is popular among customers who prefer home grilling to portable grilling. This means this product does not come with wheels for portability but has handles, making it easier to carry it. This product comes with a 700 sq. in. porcelain-coated iron cast cooking grids. It also has a second grilling area, which makes it ideal for a family of 6 members. 

It has a 21lbs hopper capacity, thus reducing your repeated pellet filling work. This product is made up of heavy gauge steel components making it more sturdy and durable. The versatility of the product has a temperature range from 180 - 500F.

This product also has multiple cooking options, thereby providing you with various options in a single unit. You can easily access these various options with the help of LCD readout thermostatic control.

With this option's help, you need not worry about the burning of food when slow cooking. 700FB has an automatic pellet addition system, which maintains the optimum heat required for cooking by adding or removing the pellet. This product sometimes may produce noise, which may not be comfortable for many people.

Also, sometimes the pellets get clogged and cause system congestion.
The unique feature of this product is Flame Boiler Design, which allows searing over an open firepit.

  • Flame Boiler Design
  • Automatic Pellet System
  • Multiple cooking options
  • Sufficient Cooking Space
  • Sufficient Hopper Capacity
  • Digital temperature control
  • Noisy
  • Not Portable
  • System congestion
  • No additional side racks

This product makes the Best Customer Choice Pellet Grill who prefers home cooking to portable cooking with all the above pros and cons.

Are you still confused about what you have to look for when buying the best pellet grill under $500? Buying a best Pellet Grill Under 500 along with good specifications is not easy work. There are various functionalities that you may need to consider while choosing the product that serves your purpose. So, here is a Buying guide to buying a best Pellet Grill Under 500.

Temperature range is one of the essential factors. It allows you to decide the cooking options available in the pellet grill. It is always advisable to choose a product with a wide temperature range so that it will enable you to set different temperatures for perfect food. The temperature range can be between 160 - 500F.
Temperature controls are equally important. These controls help you to set and monitor the temperature required. There are two types, automatic temperature control and manual control. It is advisable to opt for machines with automatic temperature controls. 

Pellet Grills comes in different sizes. It is essential to choose a product with a larger cooking space to enjoy it with more people. Also, it is essential to notice the material used for making the cooking surface. Iron cast and porcelain-coated cooking surfaces are ideal for easy cleanup.
If the cooking surface is not large enough, make sure the product has an additional second rack, which serves to cook more food simultaneously.

When it comes to choosing Best Pellet Grills, one of the other important features to note is the size of the product. If you are a person who loves to travel and enjoy cooking on the go, then it is ideal to choose a product that has a compact size. Choosing the right size helps you to take advantage of the portability feature.
Choose a product that has wheels, weighs less so that it is easier for portability. Choose large pellet grills with wheels if you are a fan of tailgating parties. Or else, choose pellet grills that come with handles for lifting if you are a fan of BBQ parties in your apartment balconies or backyard BBQ parties.

Hopper is a place where the pellets are kept ready to be fed into the arguer and then to the firepot. This hopper capacity determines the duration of the food that can be cooked. A smaller hopper capacity will allow you to cook for a lesser amount of time and a larger hopper capacity lets you cook for long hours.

The material in which the pellet grill is made is essential, as it helps extend the grill's stability. Do not get misled by the exterior shiny polish finish. The exterior may be made of stainless steel, but the interiors might be made of cheap materials. These will lead to rusting of the essential internal parts like a flame detector, fire pots, grates, and drip pan.
It is always wise to choose products that have sturdy and strong frameworks. This will prevent the pellet grill from potential damages from inside and outside the environment, thereby increasing its durability.

Many of the pellet grill manufactures are now trying to give a lot of additional features that enhance the preferences of the pellet grill in the specified price range. Some may have WiFi connectivity, while some others have several cooking options built-in in a single model. Some may have an easy cleaning system, while others may have advanced fan convention systems for the arguer's better performance.

Now that you know how to buy a pellet grill and various products let's maintain it for its Long-Life.
After every cooking, it is essential to clean them for a longer lifetime. The food and oil grease grates stuck in the grilling area, ruining the next food's taste. Therefore it is necessary to clean and wash them before the next cooking.

For cleaning the grease, set the temperature to 200 to 300F for 10 to 15 minutes. This will melt the oil stuck in the grill. Then, by using a brush, remove all the food from the grill. Now take the grates out and clean the grease by using a scraper. You can use long wooden sticks to scrape and clean the oil.

For cleaning the chamber, use a vacuum to remove the leftover ash from it. After firing, use a lightly wet cloth and wipe the chamber and metal probes. Some pellet grill will have an ash cleanout system, which will make it easier and faster to clean.
The chimney can be cleaned once every year with a wet cloth and a brush. The exterior of the pellet grill should also be wiped and washed often. You are using a polish will you to maintain the stainless steel surfaces.


Pellet grills are the best substitute for gas, charcoal, and propane grills. Pellet grills are ideal for bringing BBQ flavor at camping sites or in a party held at our home. Buying a pellet grill is a one-time investment, hence choosing the right pellet grill according to your needs and budget is necessary. Among the Best Pellet Grill Under $500, we recommend the following,

Green Mountain Davy Crockett makes the best portable pellet grill in this price range for advanced WiFi technology that allows you to control temperatures using mobile phones.

Z- Grill ZPG 7002E Wood Pellet Grill makes the best budget-friendly pellet grill. It offers multiple cooking options in a larger cooking space and a fan-forced convection system, which creates a versatile environment for all the different cooking options.

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill makes the Best Pellet Grill for its features like advanced technological options, durability, and long-lasting property.

Now that you have read and gained knowledge about the requirements needed to buy the best pellet grill for under $500, it's time to choose one that suits your requirements and preferences. Don't delay; get your pellet grill in your budget and surprise your families and friends with the deliciously cooked meat in no time.