How to Use Wood Chips on A Gas Grill?

Using wood chips on a gas grill will give your food a smoky flavor that will make it taste even better. Buying a charcoal grill is not always necessary when you want to smoke your food. You can do it with your gas grill too. You need wood chips for the occasion. Well, it can … Read more

How to Light A Gas Grill Without Ignitor?

how to light a gas grill without ignitor

Many people use gas grills because they consider them safer and easier to use than charcoal grills. Well, everyone here has a preference, and we are not here to judge, but it is the easiest way to light a gas grill with the help of an ignitor. If there is no ignitor, you can go … Read more

How To Season A New Gas Grill

How To Season A New Gas Grill

If you have just bought a new grill, then you need to season it properly before you start cooking on it. If you do not season the grill properly, then you are going to get a very chemical flavor out of the food. The food can get stuck in that metallic taste, and you will … Read more

How To Connect Propane Gas Grill To Gas Line?

If you want to connect your propane gas grill to your house, then that can be completely done. The process of doing it is easy, but you always need to be careful when doing something like this. No one wants any accidents to happen. Connecting your propane gas grill to your gas line is excellent. … Read more

How To Use Kamado Grill – Tips & Usage

How To Use Kamado Grill

INTRODUCTION Kamado grill is made from various materials, including high fire ceramics, refractory materials, double wall insulated steel, traditional terra cotta, or a mix of Portland cement and crushed. Certain kamados have dampers and draft doors for better heat control. Charcoal is preferred for firing over gas or electricity as it does not provide any flavor. … Read more

How to use grill press – Easy Guide

How to use grill press

Grill presses are made using cast iron, metal, or stainless steel. Grill press can make your food crispier and have a uniform sear. Uniformly cooked food gives you a perfect presentation of your food. Grill press can cook food like sandwiches, chicken, veggies, burgers, steak, bacon, etc. In this article, let’s see now how to … Read more

How To Oil Grill Grates – Useful Tips


Why do you think you need to apply oil to your grill grate? The answer is simple, but you need to know that oil helps maintain your grill grate from getting rusted and who doesn’t want a last longing grill grate!? I do! What about you? And yeah, I forgot to mention that oiling keeps … Read more

Best Time To Buy A Grill – Choose The Correct Season

Best Time To Buy A Grill

No one does not desire to have a good meal once in a while. There are many ways to get a proper meal nowadays. There have been so many developments by individual inventors as well as today’s chefs and food experts. Roasting food has become a very common way of preparing food. Because of this … Read more

The 7 Best Meats To Smoke -Smoking Guide 2022

Best Meat To Smoke

When it comes to meat smoking, the most important thing is to get the fattest cut of meat. This is because the fat content will melt as the cooking continues, and the connective tissue starts to break down. This gives you a much more tender and juicy taste. There are many cuts of meat that … Read more