Green Mountain Grill vs Traeger 

The green mountain grill vs traeger conversation has been going on for some time. We are sure that there are many people who are likely to join the conversation to understand the grills better and make a choice for themselves. We are here today to contribute to the conversation or debate and we are going to look at both sides with neutral perspectives. Let's start the comparison of these two brands. 

Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountains has taken on the pellet grill market all of a sudden. There are people who find the history of the brand to be very interesting. They started the company in 2008. They revised their pricing strategy in 2014 which made the company very popular among the public. So we can say that they got their big break in 2014. They became a household name and everyone knew them.

The core philosophy or game plan of the company is to make easy to use grills that are made well so that the customers are happy. They fill the grill with all kinds of new tech and features to keep up with the changing world. They also sell the grills at an attractive price point so that they can stay at the top of the competitive market. This strategy has come to be successful because the brand is very popular now and has a loyal customer base. Users of the Green Mountain grills have praised the grill and left positive reviews of the products. Everyone seems to be very happy. 

They are the ones who introduced Wi-Fi control as the standard feature in pellet grills. All the main models of the brand comes with this feature. The headquarter of the brand is located in Reno, Nevada. However, all the grills are manufactured and assembled in China. They have named their grills after American icons but they also want to make profit so they have taken the job to China. There are a lot of brands that do this due to the economic benefits. 

Traeger Grills

Traeger is known as the largest producer of pellet grills given the fact that they have been selling pellet grills for more than four decades. The brand was the first company to come up with the idea of the pellet grills so you can say that the brand is the founder of pellet grills. They had a patent that allowed only them to create pellet grills till 2006. Other companies started their journey after 2006 and Traeger has already made a name for themselves in that time. Moreover, they are the only ones that sold pellet grills for 20 years of the patent. 

Traeger moved their manufacturing process to China after the patent ended because they wanted to get profit and stay afloat in the competitive market. They have never seen any competition before so they did not know much about the market. And they were a small family run business that as just thrown out in the big world. There was some manufacturing and quality issue that initially  affected the name and sale of the brand but they were able to make a comeback after making amends. They started to implement the Wifi system in the grills in 2019. 

The product line of the brand includes the Pro Series, the Ironwood series, and the Timberline series. There are a lot of options that you can choose from. Many people gravitate towards the brand because of the name. They have been around for a long time and since they are the original makers of the grill, they have a certain reputation. 

Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger Pellet Grills – Head to head

Now that we have taken a look at the history of the brands, we are going to make a head to head comparison. We are sure that you are going to get a clearer perspective with the side by side comparison of the features. Take a look.


Traeger is more flexible when it comes to size. Most of the models have the option of two sizes so the customers can choose what they want. The Green Mountain grill needs you to upgrade to a higher grill in order to get more space. 

Temperature Range

The Green Mountain Grill wins this one by a slight difference. You can select a temperature between 150 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit with the Green Mountain Grills but you can get a temperature range of 165 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. That 50 degrees Fahrenheit can make a difference but not that much. This range is slight but it can be said that the Green Mountain grill is more flexible for precise temperature cooking. 

App Experience

You can have the Wifi connectivity feature from both the brands. The app experience is good enough for both the brands but the Traeger one seems to be a bit better than the other because it comes with a lot of recipes that one can try out on the grill. When it comes to controlling the grill, they both do a pretty good job. 


The Green Mountain grill wins by a long range when it comes to storage. There is not much storage space available for the Traeger grills but you can store a lot of items in the spaces that are provided by the Green Mountain brand. There are hooks to hang tools and shelf to keep important things at hand. There is no shelf under the main body in the Traeger brand. They have more of an open design. 


This is a subjective matter than we can not comment on. You might like the design of the Traeger more than the Green Mountain or vice verse. It depends on the aesthetic that you are going for. They are both constructed well if that is what you are wondering. Traeger has got that classic barrel look. The peaked lid design of the Green Mountain grills is also a customer favorite. Just make sure that your grill works fine. Design is secondary. Look at the features first. 


Thank you so much for giving this article here a read. The debate keeps on going so if you want to join in on the conversation the head over to the forums. There are many grill masters and experts with experience that has broken down the basics of both the brands. There is no given fact that the Green Mountain Grill is better than the Traeger or vice verse. We have given you the basic info that you need to make a choice. Thank you once again for taking the time to read through the entire article. Take care of yourself and make sure to have fun grilling!