Griddle vs Grill 

Grills and griddles are different cooking surfaces and they are used to cook food differently but they can be sometimes mistaken by the people. Here we have the an article that tells you all about a grill and a griddle and then at the end of it you can go ahead and pick the one that is suited for you. 


You can not cook pancakes and steak on the same cooking surface. Of course you need to use different cooking surface for them two. There are good food that can be cooked on either or the two but there are foods that can be cooked on only one of them. We are going to discuss everything in this article so you need to stick around with us to find out. 

What is a Griddle?

A griddle is a hot plate. It is a smooth metal surface that has the heat source directly underneath it. You can cook the food on top of it. If you think about it then you can say that a griddle is like a frying pan without any handles. They are generally rectangular in shape. Hot plates are round so there is another difference to keep in mind. The size of the griddle can differ according to the brand and the purpose. There are models that are very big for the restaurants and then there are models that are made for the household use. There are even tabletop models that you can find in the market. 

There are also like very simple griddles that can be just called a flat piece of iron that can fit at the top of a campfire. The griddle should be level so that the juices and the food can not roll off one side. The griddles need to be thick so that it can retain the heat and it should be able to retain the shape under heat. A thin piece of metal can warp. 

There are also like very simple griddles that can be just called a flat piece of iron that can fit at the top of a campfire. The griddle should be level so that the juices and the food can not roll off one side. The griddles need to be thick so that it can retain the heat and it should be able to retain the shape under heat. A thin piece of metal can warp. 

Types of Griddle

There are different kinds of griddles that you can find on the internet. We are sure that you are going to find this to be very interesting. Different griddles can meet the different needs of the people. 

Freestanding Griddles

The  Blackstone Gas Griddle or Pit Boss 4 Burner Gas Griddle are some of the excellent choices if you are looking for a freestanding griddle. They come with their own stands and you can get a lot of cooking space on the griddle to cook in. These griddles are generally gas powered. You can also get wheels to move the unit around and they are generally pretty easy to clean. You should be careful about the model you choose. 

Tabletop Griddles

Tabletop griddles are small and they can be used on a camping trip. They are very portable. You can even use them in the kitchen if you do not want a lot of cooking area but want to use a griddle. The Blackstone Tabletop Gas Griddle is a good example of the table top griddles. They are perfect for a single person. 

Insert Griddles

The insert griddle can be used on a grill or a barbecue. They are not stand alone models and they need to be used on the grill. They can come in handy for campers too as they can just use it at the top of a campfire. It works like a griddle in all other way. 

What is a Grill?

There are two kinds of grills. One has the steel plate with ridges and the other one cooks the food over direct flame. There are just bars between the food and the flame. The open type grill is mostly used in barbecues. Solid grills have ridges that can leave the grill marks on the good food and the oil and grease can run in between the ridges. The grill marks are created when the food becomes very heated on contact with the ridges. The browning is called the Maillard reaction. They can create a lot of heat. You can cook a variety of different types of food in tge grill. 

What is the Difference Between a Griddle and Grill?

The difference between the two is very clear. It can be easily seen with just one look. The griddles have a flat surface that is smooth and the grills have ridges along the surface and in case on an open flame they have bars. The heat source of the devices can be gas in the general sense but you can also use charcoal or electricity if the appliance allows for it. In a griddle the plate is heated up by the heat source and that heats up the food in return. The actual heat source does not touch the food at all. 

Grilling cooks at a higher temperature. The grill can transfer the heat from the fire to the metal of the grill grate. The metal absorbs the heat and they can get very hot. The affect on the food is known as browning. This we get the grill marks that we so love on the food. 

The Type of Metal Makes a Difference

Most griddles are made from either steel or cast iron. If you are buying an industry level brand with a lot of budget then you can get a griddle made of stainless steel and even chrome. The stainless steel griddles are found in restaurants and hotels. They are used to cook food all day long. They have good heat retention capacity and they are not going to warp under the heat. They are very good and provides a good service to the user. 

1/4-inch steel can also be used to make a griddle plate. They are now stainless steel but they do the job well enough. If you are planning to cook dense food like potatoes and budgets then you should be going for the thicker metal. Stainless Steel is much more expensive than the normal steel. 

Grill grates also come in a number of different materials like nickel plated steel, porcelain-enameled cast-iron, stainless steel, cast iron, and porcelain enameled steel. The porcelain is used to help with the cleaning process rather than the cooking one. 

What Kind of Food is Appropriate for Cooking on Each?

Flat griddles and grills are used for different kinds of food. The different cooking surface can be used for the different cooking methods. On the flat surface of the griddle, people will generally cook breakfast items that can not be cooked on the grill like pancakes, French toast, hash browns and scrambled eggs. You can cook burgers and sandwiches on the griddle too because you can toast the buns. There are different used of the griddle that can come in very handy. 

Steak, hot dogs, and chicken can also be cooked on a griddle. The high heat of the griddle can help you make Mexican food on it. You can also use the griddle to mimic the style of the stir-fry Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines. Some of our favorite dishes that we make with the griddle is the traditional ones. This includes the fried eggs, bacon, beans, sausages, hash browns, and tomatoes. Rice dishes, and fajitas can also be made on a griddle. 

Grills are used all over the world and they are a very good way of cooking different food products. The grill is perfect for larger, robust cuts of meat, fish, poultry, sausages or whole vegetables like corn on the cob. If someone does not like to eat vegetables then you can give them grilled ones. See them change their mind really quick. Once you have had a taste of grilled vegetables, nothing can stop you from eating more. 

What Are the Cooking Temperatures?

The cooking temperature of the griddle and the grill is one of the main difference between the two. Grills can generally cook the food at a higher temperature. It can go around 400 degrees Fahrenheit at a minimum point. Griddles can go around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Grills can give off a lot of smoke and heat. You can cook under a commercial hood ventilating system. Griddles can not cook under direct flame. There is no chance of any flare-up. 

Which One is Easier to Clean?

We know that cleaning is always an hassle when it comes after a hearty meal. When you are done with the cooking process then you can spend some time to clean the grill and griddle but if that time becomes a lot then you get a lot of trouble. Generally, it should be easier to clean up a griddle rather than a grill. The flat surface of the griddle makes it easier to clean. The grill has much more surface area that can get the grease stuck into the nooks. You will need to cook with a stiff brush and soapy water. You can generally clean a griddle using warm water and a flat scraper. 

Which Is Better, a Grill or a Griddle?

There is no answer to this question. At least we can not give you this answer because it is an objective matter. We do not know which you are going to prefer. You can go ahead with the griddle or the grill. Asking which one better is like asking which is better - spoon or fork? Well, the answer surely is what you want and what you are comfortable with. 

The cooking style of an individual also makes the choice. If you do not want to make grilled food then there is no need for a grill. If you are looking for an item to make you all the breakfast food then the griddle is the right choice. On the other hand if you want to throw a barbecue party then you need a grill. You might end up getting both given the requirements. 

That's all that we have to say. You need to make the choice yourself. We have given you all the facts so the only thing that you need to do now is to make sure that you read them properly and make the correct decision for yourself. Articles that claim that one is better than the other is complete hogwash because you never know. It can be an opinion but you can not say for a fact that a grill is better than a griddle or vice verse. 


Thank you so much for giving this article here a read. We are very happy to be of some help to you. We have covered everything about grills and griddles and we sure hope that you have understood everything that we needed to say. Have a good day. Take care of yourself and have a fun time grilling or cooking, no matter which one you choose.