How To Buy a Grill – A Complete User-Friendly Buying Guide

Buying a grill can be a very daunting task. It can be troublesome and exciting at the same time. Buying your first grill is even more daunting than the other times. This happens because there are so many different companies telling you about the best grill, and you can not make up your mind. A newbie is going to have some trouble figuring out the best features to look for in a grill. We are here today to help you understand how to buy a grill in the first place. Take a look.

Different Kinds Of Grills

First things first, you should be aware of the kinds of grills that are available to you. There are a variety of grills that comes with their different features and uses. First and foremost, we have the gas grills. They function on propane or natural gas, and they are very convenient to use. Many people say that gas grills are the best option for beginners. Charcoal grills are the conventional way of grilling. Charcoal gives off a distinct flavor to the food you are grilling, and a lot of people enjoy that distinct smoky taste that charcoal gives to the food.

Pellet grills are the next kind. They are also easy to use and are generally recommended to beginners. Wood pellets are used for this grill, and they are also very convenient. Kamado grills are a unique and traditional form that uses charcoal as a fuel, but the name mostly comes from the shape of the grill. They are very expensive grills and are generally made of ceramic. Now we will get into the details about each of these grills and tell you about the things that you need to consider when you are buying a specific kind of grill.

Gas Grills: Factors To Consider & How To Buy A Grill

Let us start with the most basic of grills - the gas grills. They are perfect for people who are in a hurry or those who do not know the fine talents of maintaining the temperature manually. These grills are conveniently made to be easy to use for everyone while giving off a great result!

More Than Burgers

A basic grill should be able to handle grilling burgers and hotdogs, but that is not the end of the menu. A good basic grill should also be able to cook other portions of meat and vegetables for the user. You should check the temperature range of the grill that you are willing to buy. The more the temperature range of the grill, the better the cooking feature of the grill. If you want to slow cook ribs, then the indirect method of cooking is the best on a grill. Your grill should be able to handle this method.


You should take a look at the preheating test for the grill that you are willing to buy. It is important that you check for the fact that how fast your grill is heating up. The BTU is the unit of measurement for gas grills that shows how much gas the grill is using in a specific period of time. However, this might not be the ideal thing at all times to consider the heat that the grill gives off. So make sure that you do a proper check before buying the grill.


The burners are the most essential and the most replaced parts of the gas grill. When you are using the grill, you need the burners the most. Be prepared to change the burners. It is not a very difficult job but having a heads up is better than being in the dark. There are grills that come with a 10-year warranty on their burners. They tend to last more than 10 years generally. The ones that do not come with a warranty will last much less.


Yes, infrared burners are all the heat right now. No pun intended. However, they are not much different than a normal grill. They use a different method to grill the food, but the result is more or less the same. Infrared grills do cost more than the general gas grill. If you want to experiment, then you can go ahead and get the infrared grill, but otherwise, we would recommend you to stay miles away from these.

Solid Construction

Your grill should have a solid construction so that it can last you for a long time. While checking on a grill, you should pay attention to the construction of the grill, and we are not just talking about looks. Make sure that the grill you end up choosing is made of high-grade stainless steel with welding. The normal steel ones with nuts and bolts are not going to last very long. You should also check for casters and wheels on the grill. Having 4 wheels makes it easier to move the grill around.


The final thing that you always need to keep in mind is safety. grilling can be dangerous because we are using fire. Grill stability is important because it percent the grill from tripping over and injuring people. Check the corners to see whether they are sharp or not. The handles should be okay to use even when the grill is running. You should always pay close attention to the safety of yourself and others when using a gas grill.

Types of Gas Grills

There are mainly 3 types of gas grills that we have categorized according to the size of the grill. First, there are the small gas grills that can hold 18 average-sized burgers at most. They are small and compact in size. There are a whole lot of small grills that you can find in the market. They generally come with foldable shelves for a smaller footprint. They cost around $100 to $1000.

Then we have the medium has grills. These are the ones that can hold 18 to 28 burgers. This is known to be the most widely sold size of grills. There are basic grills and the ones that come with bells and whistles. The LED lights and backlit knobs are alluring to the public. They generally have warranties of 10 years or less. They cost around $150 to $2500.

Next comes the large gas grills. They can cook more than 28 burgers at the same time. They have the biggest cooking area. They have good construction and structural stability. The quality of the burners is also very good. They generally cost around $350 to $3500.

Charcoal Grills: Factors To Consider

Next up is the most traditional form of grills - the charcoal grills. Many grilling fanatics refuse to believe that other grills exist. They are all in for the distinct smoky taste of the charcoal, and they do not even consider other kinds of grills as true grills. While that might be a bit extreme, charcoal grills are still the rage.


The airflow is everything in a charcoal grill because that is what makes the grill function. Without airflow, you are going to have a harder time maintaining or regulating the temperature of the charcoal grill. It is always advised to get a grill that has a lot of dampers that can help you with the proper airflow.

Coal Bed

If you are grilling for a long time, then you do have to add in more fuel at some point in time. It becomes difficult to add in more charcoal when the grill is already on. This is why you must always go for a grill that has a dedicated door to add in more chunks of charcoal with ease.

Size and Shape

The charcoal chunks burn at the same rate, so your grill model is going to determine the consistency and temperature of the grill. When you are using wider models like barrel grills, then it will dictate how the food is cooked and make a great burger. Kettle and kamado grills are more useful for searing and slow cooking. The size and shape of the charcoal grill affect the cooking process a lot.

Cooking Grates

The cooking grates should be adjustable for better use of the grill. If you are using an adjustable grill grate, then you can move the food closer and away from the heat source as you want. This gives you more control over the temperature of the grill and the food that you are grilling.


Charcoal grills are difficult to handle for rookies, and they do possess a more significant risk because, unlike gas grills, you are actually controlling the flames of the charcoal grill. The flames of the charcoal grill can be longer and harder to tame, this can be dangerous, so make sure that you are using long tongs and other tools while cooking on the grill. The grill should also have a limit to the charcoal you can add to prevent any kind of accident.

You should also wear short sleeves while handling the charcoal grill. The grill should also be accompanied by a fire extinguisher in case of any accidents. Take care of these little things when you are using the charcoal grills.

Types of Charcoal Grills

There is a lot of variety in charcoal grills. First comes the charcoal barrel grills that are rectangular in shape. They give a lot of cooking space for the user. They generally come with good features like adjustable cooking grates and a charcoal door. They do need a lot of charcoal to run as they use the fuel much more than any kettle grill. They can cost around $100 to $300.

Next, we have the kettle grills. These are the classic charcoal grills, and they are much smaller than the kamado or barrel grills. They take a lot less space and help you cook for a long time without adding in more fuel. These grills are fuel-efficient. They have a lesser cooking area and come in a three-legged structure which is considered much less stable than the 4 legs. They cost around $50 to $400 on average.

Kamado Grills: Factors To Consider

Kamado grills are the next ones on the list on how to buy a grill. They are quite expensive grills, and not a lot of people tend to go for these grills at first thought. They are beautiful to look at, and they add a certain aesthetic to your house on top of providing great grilled food. Kamado grills also come in a lot of various styles in the market.


Kamado grills also use charcoal as a source of fuel. They can be great grills to make your favorite food. It is said that the kamado grills are very sturdy, and they come with several dampers. The more the air flows over the charcoal, the hotter the grill is going to get. If you want to go for low and slow cooking, then you have to go and close the lid of the grill to let the airflow to slow down. This is a very important part of the kamado grill. You should go for grills that are having a tight fit with lids and multiple dampers.


Material is also an important factor to consider. There are generally two types of kamado grills that come with different materials. The category is ceramic and non-ceramic. Ceramic models are heavier and made of thick walls. The non-ceramic models are made of metal. They weigh a lot less. Your choice entirely depends on your preference.

Types Of Kamado Grills

Depending on the material used in the grill, there are two kinds of kamado grills. We have talked about this but let's take a better look at the two types. The first type is the ceramic kamado grills. They are the ones that weigh a lot, and they are designed to be airtight. This lets you control the temperature of the grill even more. The narrow shape allows for a deep coal bed that can cook for a long time. The dampers permit you to control the temperature. The thick walls prevent any heat from escaping.

Some kamado grills can cook for 8 hours straight. These grills come at a high price, and they are very heavy, so they can be easy to move around. You also need to remember that ceramic is more fragile than metal, so you need to take care of the grill if you want it to last. It can hold a lot of charcoal, but the cooking area on these grills is rather small. They cost around $700 to $2500.

Next up, we have the non-ceramic kamado grills. These are also common to the ceramic ones in the sense that they have airtight containers and they have thick walls to prevent the heat from escaping. The lid has locking latches to make it fit better. The temperature control of these grills is very precise too. The walls may not be as thick as the ceramic ones, but they are made with multiple layers of metals which allows them to hold the temperature of the grill.

They are cheaper than the ceramic versions of the kamado grills. There are grills that are starting with the price of $300 on the market. They are pretty lightweight, so you can easily move the grill. It is made up of sturdy metal, so they are not as fragile as ceramic ones. The non-ceramic kamado grills are also very easy to assemble. However, they can sometimes feel cheaper and not do a proper job. Controlling the temperature of the grill can also be a bit difficult at times. They cost around $300 to $2000.

Pellet Grills: Factors To Consider

Pellet grills are the last ones that we are covering today. They are known to be great grills for both amateurs and experts. They are easy to put to use and provide great results with grilling. Pellet grills are said to have the flexibility of the gas grill along with the convenience of a smoker. You get the best of both worlds with a pellet grill. You can experiment with a lot of different kinds of wood chips in a pellet grill. The different chips can give you different flavors, and you can mix them to create your distinct taste.

The pellet grills are very much the trend nowadays with such ease of use. They can adjust the heat to the precise temperature, and you will get the best food. Here are some factors that you should consider before you buy a pellet grill.


The hopper is the big box where you place the wood chips. It decides the number of pellets a grill can hold. This is going to indirectly decide the amount of time the grill can run without the need to add in more fuel. The longer the hopper, the more time the grill can go on. This is perfect for low and slow cooking. Check out the hopper capacity before you buy the grill. A good grill should have a good hopper capacity. No one likes to keep on filling the grill again and again.

Temperature Range

You should get a pellet grill that has a wide range of temperatures. The temperature range should be 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees Fahrenheit at the most. This allows for a larger variety of cooking methods that you can use on this grill. They are very versatile because you can cook at a high temperature as well as a low temperature. It is also better to have a wide cooking range so that you can go high on the temperature. Many pellet grills can not hold a high temperature which can be said to be a major disadvantage of the grill.


Smoking on a pellet grill is very easy. You just need to fill up the hopper with pellets of your choice and then set the temperature on a low setting. The ideal temperature is said to be around 225 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is going to do the job for you. The pellet grills can handle the function of both smoking and grilling properly without any hassle. We love that about this grill. This is more convenient than fine-tuning the temperature in a charcoal or gas grill.


The pellet grills have heat deflectors on the surface so that there are no flare-ups and burning of the food. This, however, makes it difficult for the user to sear food on the pellet grill. The indirect heat can then produce no searing marks for the food. This is a problem for people who like to see those sear marks. If you want to sear on a pellet grill, then you have to go for a model that has a separate zone for searing good food. However, the pellet grills do not give much of a sear. The charcoal and grills are perfect for searing food, and they are better at it too.


That's the end of the article. We are sure that you had a lot of information about the process by now, so we will not take much of your time but try to bear with us till the end. We know that so many different types of grill can be overwhelming to choose from. We have a few suggestions for you. First of all, you need to take one step at a time. Make sure that you choose the type of grill that you want after reading our article on how to buy a grill.

After that, you can look at the options and the features that suit you the most. Most of the grills are unique to each other, and they have that distinct taste. We are sure that you can tell that by now. Thank you so much for giving this article a read till the end. We hope that you find the perfect grill for yourself. Make sure that you don't end up regretting your choice. That's all for now. Take care of yourself and have a good day. Make sure to share good food with friends and family!