How To Buy A Gas Grill? – A Complete buying guide

There are a few things that are as overwhelming as buying a new grill. Gas grills are the most commonly used grills in the market right now. If you are planning on getting a new gas grill, then there is a certain pattern that you should follow if you want to get a good gas grill. It should meet all your needs and requirements. A research period is necessary before you learn on things about how to buy a gas grill.

How To Buy A Gas Grill That Is Perfect For You?

There are hundreds of gas grills out there in the market. You have to pick up the one grill that suits you the most. It is going to be a time-consuming process, but the results are going to be sweet. There are a number of grills that have been tested. The different accessories, along with the features of the grills, can be a headache to figure out. They are still searching to come up with more extensive research, but here we are with what we have already got.

Choose Your Grill Configuration

There are a lot of different kinds of grills based on the configuration. You need to settle on one kind of grill first. This will narrow down the list to a huge extent. It is okay if you are open to more than one kind of configuration. Just sort it out in your head so that you don't get confused later on in the process. The different kinds of configurations that you can get in a grill have been discussed in detail.

Built-in Grills

These grills are common, and you will see them in any outdoor barbecue unit. They are set in with an entire kitchen set in the backyard. The grills are also referred to as drop-ins, grill heads, or grill inserts. They can be bought with all the other set that goes with your unit. They usually match a theme, and you are going to get an aesthetic look for your outdoor kitchen unit. They can act as a cohesive point in your house and can become an awesome place to hang out.

Freestanding Gas Grill

These grills are not coming in a set. They are just freestanding grills that you can buy. These grills are perfect for people who do not have any outdoor unit or the space to create one. This can be a grill that can be put up in a constricted space. They are also very portable. You can move this grill from one place to another without worrying about any problems. The grills are very easy to manage too. Freestanding grills with side burners are perfect to get more cooking space.

Select Your Gas Type

There are different gas types that you can select. When you are considering gas grills, then you can go for the two different kinds of gas grills that are generally used. Well, gas does have a few subcategories, so it is a factor to be considered. It can be a propane gas grill or a natural gas grill. They are similar to each other to a huge extent. They are similar in price, and they also provide the same amount of productivity in the grill. They are both very similar, so the only thing that matters is availability and convenience.

Natural Gas Grill

Natural gas grills run on natural gas. If you already have a natural gas supply in your house, then this might make the most sense because the outlet is already there. Natural gas is just like electricity or water supply. You can get the supply as long as you are paying the bill. This is not present in every house. If you still want to get the natural gas grill, then you have to find a supplier as well as create the channels for its supply, which all seems to be a very big headache, to be honest, when you do have an alternative option, is much easier. The natural gas grills are perfect for built-in gas grills. You do not have to worry about the gas going out or the tank getting empty. Not a lot of people go for this option.

Propane Gas Grill

This is more of a commonly used gas source in a gas grill. If you do not already have a natural gas line, then it is best to go for propane grills. Propane tanks are easily found at hardware stores. You can also refill them pretty easily with the help of a propane distributor. The best thing is that there are also disposable propane tanks that can be carried around on trips. This is also perfect for the freestanding gas grills. The mobility and portability of the grill are not hindered by the propane tanks. They are also made to be carried around.

Choose Your Grill Size

Size doesn't matter? Well, it does! You need to get a grill that has enough cooking surface to cook for all the people that you are going to feed. The cooking surface of a grill is also determined by the size of the overall grill. There are small, medium, large, and XL grills that can be found in the market. The bigger the grill is, the more cooking surface you are going to get in the general sense. There are, of course, exceptions to this. However, the bigger grill tends to have more main burners so that you can influence the cooking style and the number of people you are cooking for.

Take into account the fact how many people you are going to cook for. What is the maximum number of people that you can have when you are inviting guests into your home? All things considered, you should get a bigger grill than what you think you might need. This is because you can always turn off a burner or two, but you can never increase the surface area of your grill.

Small Grills

We term the grills having around 26 inches of width as small grills. They generally have 1 to 3 main burners in them. This grill is perfect for feeding a family. You can grill a dozen burgers on the grills at the same time. However, the number of burners also matters. If you have fewer burners, then there will be lesser heat zones, and you won't be able to have a good chance of trying the indirect cooking method or any advanced techniques.

Medium Grills

Those grills with a width of 27 to 33 inches are the ones that are termed medium grills. They generally come with 2 to 4 burners. This entirely depends on the model that you are buying. This category of grill is suitable for trying out new methods of grilling. You can test the indirect grilling here. There are also scopes of adding and experimenting with different kinds of additional features like rotisserie burners or some side burners. They are very versatile. It can feed a whole lot of people too.

Large Grills

The large grills are the ones that have a width of 34-42 inches. They can have several 3 to 6 main burners depending on the model of the grill. You can have no problem with the varying heat zones. You can try out several grilling methods. These grills are made for large families. If you are intending on throwing a big party, then large grills will be a standard. Large grills have different heat zones, so you can cook a variety of dishes at the same time.

XL Grills

Grills that are larger than 43 inches in width are termed the LX grills. They are perfect for feeding an entire football fan team. These are perfect for large office gatherings and family meetings too. They generally come with a ton of features like rotisserie burners and side burners. The spacious areas for storage also tend to be high on the grill. You can carry out any cooking techniques on this grill. The XL grills are very good for big crowds of people. They have a lot of potential.


Please note that the amount of food that a grill can produce is also subjective and depends on your cooking style and technique. The number of people the grill can feed is also a subjective matter depending on the ability of the people to eat.

Choose Your Class

Luxury, Premium, Practical, and Entry-Level. These are the 4 classes of grills that we have classified. This will show the features of the grill and the ability too. You can clearly understand what you are looking for in the grill that you are going to buy. The right gas grill class is also very important to choose. It helps you narrow down the list to a great extent.

Luxury Gas Grills

These grills have been classified as luxury ones. They have a certain set of features to look out for:

  • These grills have the best grill parts with stellar quality. They are also generally going to have lifetime warranties on their parts.
  • They are designed beautifully so that they can fit in with your aesthetic and is perfect for catching the attention of people.
  • The cooking process on this grill becomes much easier and smoother.
  • The temperature range and control of these grills are perfect. They have high heat retention.
  • They are very expensive.

Premium Gas Grills

The features of this class of grills are:

  • These are not made of complete stainless steel. They use a combination of stainless and painted steel for this process.
  • The quality is good, and they do not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • You will generally get 10 years of warranty with these grills.
  • They are not very versatile. The cooking range and technique are limited.
  • They have proper heat retention qualities.

Entry-Level Gas Grills

The features of this class of grills are:

  • These are the most popular gas grills because they are affordable and beginners-friendly.
  • They are made of porcelain-coated steel.
  • They have a short warranty period.
  • The design is decent, and the functionality is great.
  • These grills provide a wide range of features at a price.

Cooking Style

Do not get lost in the technical stuff. Yes, it is important to consider the size and all for the grill, but you should not forget about your grilling process either. Your style of grilling can affect a lot of your choices and decisions. You should get a grill that is suited to your cooking style the most. Many people overlook this because they are too focused on the fuel type and size of the grill. Are you looking for a high level of heat? An infrared grill might be the best to get the thick steak chunks seared perfectly. Infrared grills can give you high heat and retain moisture, so the meat does not get dry as well as prevent any flare-ups from happening.

If you are more into low and slow cooking, then you can go for gas grills that come with a charcoal tray combo. You can use both of them in two separate fireboxes. If you are more into the style of the grill, then a grill that is lit by LED lights and has fancy-looking knobs might do the job. If you like a dependable basic grill that gets the job done, then that is also available in the market. There is always the scope of accessorizing your gas grill as you want. Individual parts of accessories are available in the market if you need them.

Additional Factors To Consider

There are certain factors that you are required to consider when you are buying a gas grill. These are some of the additional factors that are necessary to take into account.

More Than Simple Burgers!

General gas grills are good for cooking burgers and hot dogs, but if you want to grill fish or cuts of meat, then you need more than the basic ones. If you have ribs or roast on your mind, you need to get a grill with much higher power and better temperature settings. Indirect cooking needs a more balanced and advanced grill. This is why you need to sort out what you want to cook on the grill.


The next thing that is not given much attention is the heat capacity of the grill that you are buying. The British Thermal Units (BTU) per hour is an easy way to figure out the power output from the grill. Burners generally come with a 10-year warranty. They can not be expected to last forever. You can easily change them, though. The firepower of the burners does come into account a lot as they decide whether you can just simply cook food on the grill or you can sear and try out the different cooking techniques.

Solid Construction

Want your grill to stay with you for a long time? You have to go for the solid construction grills. These grills might not be that beautiful to look at, but they are made to withstand the harsh test of time and weather. They are generally made of industry-level stainless steel, and they are very durable. It is always advised to look for solid grills to make sure you get the worth of the money you spend on the grills. The cart, wheels as well as lid need to be taken into account.


So, this is the most important thing that people more than often forget to check. The safety of the grill ensures your safety. If you want to have a good grilling experience, then you need to have a safe grill. You do not want to accidentally hurt yourself or anyone around the grill. Some grills do not come with the basic safety measures, which are extremely disastrous. We recommend that you go for well-known brands and trusted companies to make sure that you are taking care of the safety check box. We have heard of accidents that could have been prevented if the safety of the grill was not compromised.


We hope that you have been able to understand how important it is to make sure that you do all the research before you go on to buy a gas grill. Do not get confused with so many options at your hands. Take your time and focus on one step at a time. You will surely be able to learn how to buy a gas grill that perfectly that suits you best. Have a good day and happy grilling!