How To Clean Porcelain Grill Grates

Porcelain grill grates are very common in grills. They are extremely important to the cooking because they are known to distribute the heat easily and properly. The porcelain grill grates are not that easy to clean though. They need to be cleaned properly so that you don't chip in the coating on the grates that makes it special. There are a few methods that you can try to clean your porcelain grill grates. Take a look.


You must be careful when you are cleaning a porcelain grill grate with a brush because if you do not use the proper brush then you can chip away the top of the grill surface and expose the cast iron which can cause rusting. You don't want that to happen do you? Do not use a wire brush or a scrapper tool when you are doing so. A steel wool should also be avoided. 

There are companies that will try to sell you brushes made of stainless steel trying to tell you that they are safe for the porcelain grill but don't go for them. Stainless steel is a very rough and hard material and it can cause the delicate nature of the porcelain grates to be harmed. Therefore, we have the best way to go with softer brushed that can not cause much harm to the grill grates. 


You can use vinegar to break down the grease that is present on the top of the grill. The acidity in the vinegar can help with this. You can make a quick solution at home to help with the process. It is pretty simple. You can take this solution of vinegar and then pour it on the grill. We recommend that you use a spray bottle rather than directly pouring or applying with a brush. You then start to scrub the grates diagonally to get the maximum out of it. 

Vinegar is said to be a natural grill degreaser that helps you to clean all the grease and oil from the grill grates. You will think that it is easy to burn off the excess of the solution after you are done cleaning because vinegar is supposed to leave a kind of smell in the rack that can affect the smell and taste of the food you cook. 

Burn It Off

After you are done cooking you should close the lid and then turn up the heat. The grill is going to burn off the food particles an the grease that is stuck to the grill grates. After around 15 minutes you should open the grill and then scrap off all the debris that has been present in the grill. If can be done with a grill brush or a scrapper. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is present in every kitchen and it is important to understand that the texture of baking soda is perfect when it comes to cleaning out the gunk material from the grill grates. This simple ingredient that is literally found in every home can make for a great cleaner. It is cheap and therefore you can use and access it properly. Mix the baking soda with water to create a thick paste. This will help you clean the grill grates. 

Then apply this paste like mix to the grill grates and start to rub it with a brush. This is going to get rid of all the food particles along with the grease and oil. You should do both sides of the grill grates in order to get that grill grate clean and ready to go again. 


If you want to go for deep cleaning then once or twice a year you should go for soaking the grill grates in a large tub of water. You can add some baking soda and a lot of dish soap to the water so that it can work it's magic on the grill grates. You should allow the soaking to happen for a few hours before you can rinse and dry them. This will clean all of the gunk that had accumulated over the years on the grill grates. 


You can get a scrapper to clean off the debris on the grill grates. The aluminum foil can help you get the food particles off the grill grates because of the fact that they are rough but not too rough to cause any harm. You can use tongs to hold the aluminum foil while scrubbinh down the grates if they are still hot. You can also do this when the grill has completely cooled down because that is safer and you don't risk burning your hand. 

Dish Soap

Dish soap is very effective in getting rid of oil and grease so you can use it on your grill grates too. The grill grates can be dipped in a solution of water and dish soap to help you clean off the grime and food particles. You should rinse the grate properly after you are done cleaning and scrubbing because you surely would not like the taste of dish soap in your next grilled food. 

Step by Step Process

Well now you know about the different ways in which you can clean the grill grates and the different methods that you can use with the grill grates. We now have a guide for you that is going to tell you about how to go on with the processes. This can be useful because many people forget that they need to handle the porcelain grill grates with care and end up chipping it. So without any further ado let's start with the first method. 

Scrubbing Method

Sometimes all you need to clean your grill is to make sure that you scrub the hell out of them. This method is used by a lot of people and many have said that this is one of the best methods to clean the grill grates. It is one of the ways that can clean the porcelain ones but you need to be careful while doing so too. We do not want any chipping to happen. 

Materials Required 

Here are the materials that you require for this process 

A soft surface that is not going to harm the coating. You can go for brushes such as a piece of plywood or a table covered with a heavy drop cloth.

Two-gallon bucket

Warm water

Dish soap


An old toothbrush


First you need to fill the bucket with warm water and then add a dash of dish soap to the bucket. Then take the grill grates off the grill and place it on a thick cloth to help with the surface. Then take the rag and dip it in the water and soap solution. 

Scrub the grill grates with the rags to clean it. This is going to help the solution get into every crack. If the grill has some baked on stuff then you can use a toothbrush to scrape off the bits. Rinse it with water when you are done with the process and let the rack dry. Place it back to the grill when it is completely dry. 

Tip : You should be careful with the scrapper brushes. The scraper can damage the surface of the porcelain grill grates and that will cause rusting and other problems. We don't want that to happen so be careful. 

Soaking Method

The soaking method is a bit longer than the scrubbing method but this does not need an arm workout for you. The soaking method is one of the best ones out there but it does require a lot of patience and time so that you can get the grill grates to be completely clean. We will tell you all about the soaking method. 

Materials Required

Here are the materials that you are going to need for this method 

Large plastic storage container (30-gallon container works best)

Warm water


Soft bristle scrubber

Rag or towel


Turn up the heat of the grill and then close the lid. Allow the grill to run on high temperature so that all debris is burned off. Then let the grill cool down while you should fill a storage container with the water and soap. Then take the grill grates and place them in this water. You need to wait for an hour. Let them soak properly. The method is after all called the soaking method.

Take it out after an hour and then lay it on an old towel. Make sure to hose down the grill grates with a little pressure before you do this. Use the brush and the rags to clean up any of the residue that is still left on the brush. There won't be many if any on the grill grates. Rinse the rack and then allow it to dry up. This is going to be the process. You need to have a bit of patience with this one. 

Cleaner Method

You can go for a cleaner and no we are not talking about dish soap. Yes, dish soap is also a cleaner and you can easily use it but sometimes you do need some stronger cleaners for the purpose. Then you can go for a commercial cleaner or you can go for a natural one. It does not matter which one you choose the steps are going to be the same. Take a look. 

Materials Required

Here are some of the materials that you need for the method 

Commercial grill or oven cleaner 

Apple cider vinegar 

Warm water

Spray bottle

Sponge or towel

Soft-bristle brush or toothbrush


First you need to heat up the grill high so that it can burn the residue for 10 minutes. Then you should allow the grill to cool down. It is going to take some time but you need to wait. Then you need to place this grill grate into the cleaning solution. If you are using a commercial cleaner then make sure that you are wearing gloves. If you are using natural ones like vinegar, then no need. Allow the grill grates to sit in the solution for a few hours. 

You can use a brush or a rag to clean up the bits left on the grill. Rinse the grates with a hose but do not apply too much pressure on them. The vinegar is going to leave a smell behind which you can remove by heating up the grill again for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Keeping It Clean

When you have cleaned the grill grates once, you are going to want to keep it clean. You don't always have to clean the entire grill grate. There is no need after every use. You can try spot cleaning. It is exactly as it sounds. You clean spots on the grill rather than actually cleaning the grill. All you need for this solution is the tooth brush and the cleaning solution that we have talked about with soap and water. The toothbrush is better than a grill brush because it is small and it can reach those areas for spot cleaning. 

Spray the area with the solution or vinegar and then let it sit for a few minutes before you scrub the place with a toothbrush. This is going to be very helpful with the cleaning process because you don't actually have to clean the entire grill but you are also cleaning away all those spots from the grill. 

Routine Care Of Porcelain Grills

You should be caring for your grill. The porcelain grills are awesome even though they are quite delicate in nature. The porcelain protects the grill from the rust and other corrosion but when it starts to chip off, things get out of hand. So if you want to use your grill for a long time and you want it to stay beautiful then you need to take care of it. Things last when you take care of it. 

To make sure that there is no chilling you should never bang around the grill grates. When you are using metal utensils then make sure that you work carefully and do not hit the surface of the porcelain grill grate too hard with a metal utensil. Do not place the grill grates on any rough surface like stone or concrete. You should not clean the grills so hard that they chip either. 


We hope that this article has been useful to you. We do understand that cleaning a porcelain grill grate can not be that easy. However, in case of porcelain grill grates you need to be careful about what you are using and how much strength you are applying to the grill. If you use too much force then there is the problem of chipping. They have been given in order to make sure you don't mess up. That is all that we have for this article.Thank you so much for giving it a read and sticking to the very end of the article. We honestly hope that you are successful in cleaning your grill grate properly.