How To Clean Grill Pan

How to Clean Grill Pan

Grill pan

A grill pan is very similar to a frypan but with some unique designs. The grill pan comes with raised edges that allow easy cooking. Good maintenance also refers to a properly clean grill pan, it’s a vital key to maintain the durability of your grill pan. We have discussed some solutions on how to clean your grill pan. Follow these steps to maintain and reuse your grill pan new as always.

Rinsing using boiling water

  • If you find your grill pan with lots of food particles sticking to it then go for this best way to clean, pour two to three inches of water to the grill pan and start boiling it at medium flame. 
  • Wait for few minutes, food particles will start to float above the water surface.
  • Turn it to low flame and take a spatula to scratch the excess food stuck on the pan.
  • Turn off the stove and cool it for few seconds, discard the water and rinse the empty pan using hot water.

Salt and water washing

  • Salt is used instead of detergent to clean grill pan; you may find it wired, but trust me, this method is considered the best and opted by many great chefs worldwide. Salts generally have a hard outer surface, this helps in abrasive cleaning of sticky particles, and this technique is often considered to clean cast iron grill pan.
  • Cooldown the pan but not to room temperature; cool it until your hand could bear the heat.
  • Add some coarse kosher salt to the pan and add some hot water to it.
  • Slowly mix it until you get a paste-like texture, do not add too much water. It may spoil the consistency of the paste.
  • Now scrub it well using a sponge thoroughly; make sure you clean around all sides as well.
  • Wash the salt and leftover completely with hot water.

Soap and water

  • Pans made up of metal or steel can get corroded and rusted as time passes. You may wonder how to clean grill pan which is rusted but don’t worry, Soaps are always used to clean brand new pan and remove rust.
  • Soap solution works better with steel scrub and hot water. Scrub it well and rinse using hot water.
  • Steel scrubs are harder, so make sure you won’t leave any unwanted scratches over the pan surface. it may spoil your cooking.

The first and Foremost step you should remember for cleaning is to discard any leftover grease/oil.

  • Pour any leftover grease in any container or directly into the trash when it’s still a little warm.
  • Avoid discarding it directly in the sink.

Cleaning oil residue using vinegar

  • Mix warm water and some drops of vinegar, then pour it to the pan surface and leave it for few minutes. Oil will come off from the pan.
  • Vinegar, along with warm water, act as an oil remover agent. 

Step to follow after cleaning

  • Seasoning is important step to be done after cleaning and before storing your pan, it’s a simple method of brushing some cooking oil into your pan that act as a nonstick coating.
  • Avoid any excess amount of oil as it may form a sticky layer.

Tips to avoid rusting

Dry your pan well with dried cloth, and always store it in closed area to avoid moisture.

Do not store your pan with excess water, it may rust your pan surface.

Do not directly put your hot pan for cleaning in cold water, allow it to cool down for few minutes

Always clean any leftover oil thoroughly. Prolong oil on any surface will form a sticky coating over the body, and it will be hard to clean. For such cases, use hot water for cleaning, it will reduce your cleaning time.

Avoid metal scrubs on nonstick pans

Frequently asked questions:

Clean with warm water and soap solution, gently scrub your grate and soak it in soap water for an hour and rinse.

Allow the grill grate to cool down and unplug it from the power outlet. Now scrap the grate gently and rinse it. Use damp cloth to wipe off residue and dry it completely.

Add some drops of vinegar to warm water, mix it well, pour it to the pan, and leave it for few minutes. Finally, rinse it with hot water..

Use nonabrasive soap solution or detergent and scrub well your pan and rinse it using warm water. Use spatula to scratch the sticky food particles.

Turn off and unplug from a power socket. Allow it to cool down a bit and use wet paper towels to wipe away any leftover food particles.