How To Grill Vegetables In Oven 

You can grill vegetables in the oven too. It might seem that vegetables are not that flavorful or that it does not come with a good aftertaste for some people but maybe you are just cooking it wrong the entire time. It is very healthy for you and you get a lot of good nutrients at the same time. There are many people who want to try it. If you have a picky eater then you can go ahead and grill vegetables. This is a simple and tasty dish. Here is a recipe that you can follow to make sure that you are cooking them well. Check it out. 

What Ingredients Do I Need?

There are a few ingredients that you need for the process. They are not a lot. Take a look at them. 

  • Vegetables are the first thing that you need. Tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, red onion, garlic.
  • Olive oil.
  • Salt and pepper.
  • Italian Seasoning.
  • Lemon.


This method of cooking is the best to make sure that you get the best results too. First you need to chop the vegetables into little pieces. Then you need to place it in the rimmed space. Then toss the vegetables with olive oil, sale and pepper. You should also add the Italian seasoning to the mix now. Then you need to spread it across the surface. You can grill for 15 minutes. Add the tomato last. 

You can grill any vegetable that you want. This is the method that is generally used to make the best one. There are different cooking times for different vegetables so you can group some vegetables together and cook the others separately. Remember that they don't all need the same cook time. There is not much that we need to say about the method. Toss it in between cooking once. That's all there is to it. 

How Long To Grill Vegetables?

Not all vegetables need the same time to grill in an oven. Here are a few time durations that you need to keep in mind that helps you with the cooking process. Take a look. 

  • Asparagus – 20 minutes

  • Bell Peppers – 20 minutes

  • Broccoli – 25 minutes
  • Onions – 35 minute
  • Potatoes (russet, red, yukon) – 45 minutes
  • Sweet Potatoes – 30 minutes
  • Tomatoes (grape or cherry) – 15 minutes
  • Yellow Squash – 20 minutes
  • Zucchini – 20 minutes
  • Brussels Sprouts (halved) – 25 minutes
  • Cauliflower – 25 minutes
  • Corn (cobs left whole with husks) – 40 minutes
  • Green Beans – 20 minutes
  • Butternut Squash – 30 minutes
  • Cabbage (cut into 1-inch thick slices) – 30 minutes
  • Carrots (cut into 1-inch chunks or baby carrots)- 30 minutes
  • Kale – 15 minutes

Seasoning Ideas

Here are a few seasoning ideas for you to try. Many people do not season their roasted vegetables. It is fine that you can eat the vegetables without any seasoning but you also need to season some. Take a good look at the ideas.

  • There are spicy roasted vegetables that needs to be seasoned with 1/2 teaspoon chipotle chile powder.
  • There are cheesy roasted vegetables that needs the seasoning of freshly grated cheddar, mozzarella, gruyere, or Parmesan cheese.
  • Grilled roasted vegetables is seasoned with garlic powder or sliced garlic.
  • The citrus roasted vegetables are seasoned with lemon or orange slices.
  • Pesto roasted vegetables are tossed in reduced olive oil.
  • The Rosemary roasted vegetables are seasoned with dried rosemary or you can use freshly cut rosemary as well.
  • Honey roasted vegetables are mixed with honey and an extra pinch of salt.
  • The curry roasted vegetables are seasoned with curry powder and cumin.
  • You can also season with balsamic vinegar to make the vegetables taste better.
  • The Mediterranean roasted vegetables are seasoned with oregano and red wine vinegar.

Additional Uses

In addition to serving the general grilled vegetables. You can also mix them up with other dishes to make for good side dishes. They won't be the center of attraction but they are going to provide all the nutrients that you need in your body. Take a look at some of the additional uses that you have for the grilled vegetables. 

  • You can toss the vegetables into delusion pasta dishes.
  • You can make it the topping of pizza.
  • You can also add it the grilled cheese.
  • You can add vegetables to a salad too.
  • Grilled vegetables are added to stir fry to add to the depth of flavor.
  • You can also toss them in an omelette. It looks delicious in food too.

Storage Tips 

If you have some leftover grilled vegetables then you can store them in a container. Leave them in an airtight container for 5 days. You can also store them in an airtight freezer. This can make the vegetables stay fresh for some time. Do not leave it for too much though. 


Here are a few tips that you need to follow when you are grilling vegetables in the oven. 

  • You need to preheat the oven so that you can get the best results.
  • You should use a dark baking sheet. The baking sheet is good and helps with the browning of the vegetables.
  • You should spread it out evenly.
  • You should always season the vegetables with whatever you like the best. There are garlic, curry powder, fresh or dried herbs, cheese, vinegar, citrus, sesame oil, honey, taco seasoning, bacon, mustard, pesto, etc.
  • Always toss halfway through the process.


Thank you so much for giving this article here a read. We do hope that you will find the perfect grilled vegetables with the recipe. There are many people who do not want to eat any vegetables. However, grilled vegetables are good to eat and it comes with a lot of easy recipes to follow. That's all that we have here for now. We hope that you have found this to be good for you. Thanks a lot for sticking to the end. Have a good day. Take care of yourself. Share good food with your friends and family. Good food always tastes better with people around.