How To Season A Grill – Guide To Grill

 How To Season A Grill – Guide To Grill

A grill is a cooking device that radiates heat downwards to cook food. It has grown in popularity as one of the best machines for preparing food. It has earned a reputation for making the best meat-based recipes. No one, (except for maybe vegetarians), does not like meat prepared from a grill. A grill is used for roasting food. Some grills use either charcoal or wood. However, these types of grills are not the best because they produce a lot of smoke.

The smoke produced by the grills ends up changing the flavor of the food. Because of this, people opt to use the other option, the propane gas grills. These grills do not produce smoke, and one ends up getting the original flavor of the food being cooked.

Grills are mostly used for recreational meals, for example, when hosting a party in the summer, people like to fire up a grill and prepare some roasted meat. Grills are mostly used outdoors because the smoke produced by the grill becomes unbearable in the house. Apart from just roasting meat, there are quite a several foods that can be roasted, such as maize, bread, and many others.

Why is it important to season a grill?

When you want to use a grill, you do not just light it up and place the food on the grill. Some processes should be followed to use the grill at its best condition always. Before using the grill, you have to season it first. Seasoning the grill is the process of heating and oiling the grates of the grill. This is done so that the grill can be performing at its prime.

Seasoning the grill is important if you want to have the best quality. Seasoning the grill is a simple and basic step that everyone follows when they want to use the grill.

Oiling the grates of the grill is really important. This is because it protects the grates from rust. Nobody would want their food served with a coating of rust. Therefore, this makes this step very important. Oiling your grill also makes it easier to clean.

After operating the grill, you will want to clean and just to make your work easier after roasting your food, apply oil on the grates, cleaning it will become much easier. Seasoning the grill is important, it also extends the lifespan of the grill in use. It maintains the grill at its best condition for a longer time.

Different ways of seasoning a grill 

Before starting up a grill, seasoning the grill is of great importance. However, not everybody has the knowledge and skillset of properly seasoning a grill. Seasoning a grill can be done in a series of simple steps and stages. These steps have been set out and simplified into the following:

1. Cleaning the grates

This first step can also be broken down into three simple steps. This stage is very important because it gets rid of the dirt from the grates of the grill. The steps are as follows;

1.1. Removing the grates from the grill. Some grates might easily lift right off, but others need to be unhooked first. If the grates are too dirty, you might wear some rubber gloves to keep your hands clean or protect them from any rough edges.

1.2. Brushing the grates with a wire grill brush. This is to remove any charred remains from past use. If the remains are stubborn, soak the grates in warm, soapy water.

1.3. Washing and drying the grates. This process removes any charred remains from any past use or any protective fluids applied during its manufacture. Make sure to dry the grate with a piece of cloth or completely air-dry it.

2. Coating the grates with oil

The following steps can be followed to achieve the task:

2.1. Applying an even coating of cooking oil to all sides of the grates. You can dip the towel in the oil or spray the oil on the grates. Make sure the oil has a high smoking point because you will be putting it under high temperatures when seasoning it.

2.2. Wiping off any excess oil to prevent the chances of a grease flare-up.

2.3. If the grill is new, oil the inside of the grill pit to make it easier to clean.

3. Backing the coating over the grates

3.1. Pre-heating the grill. With the lid closed and the grates removed, heat the grill on medium heat for about 15 minutes.

3.2. Re-installing the grates and letting them bake. Put the heat to low and allow the grates to bake for about two hours.

3.3. Allowing the grates to cool. Turn off the heat and allow the grates to cool. A color change will be noted. Stainless steel grates become dark bronze while cast-iron grates have a shiny black appearance.

The methods listed above are the most common and the extremely easy steps that can be used to season your grill. There is, therefore, no reason whatsoever of not enjoying your perfectly grilled beef on that special occasion simply because you failed to do things the right way.


Grilling has become a very common practice among so many people. Lighting up a grill has become one of the most common ways to celebrate a warm summer afternoon. Roasting food via a grill is not so complicated. This is because there are no complex recipes and ingredients. You just prepare the grill well, light it up, and let the heat do the work. There are no shortcuts in preparing the grill.

You have to season the grill accordingly using one the many ways as highlighted above. Ignoring it will lead to some unavoidable consequences and might just end up ruining a good meal. However, seasoning the grill should be such a big bother because it is not a difficult process, and an excellent meal will be inevitable.

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