How to use grill press – Easy Guide

How to use grill press

Grill presses are made using cast iron, metal, or stainless steel. Grill press can make your food crispier and have a uniform sear. Uniformly cooked food gives you a perfect presentation of your food. Grill press can cook food like sandwiches, chicken, veggies, burgers, steak, bacon, etc. In this article, let's see now how to use grill press.


Start preheating your grill press because preheating will improve your cooking time, clean properly and make sure you don't leave any post-cooked particles over your grill plate. Now place your grill press directly on your grill grate and start heating it for 10 -15 minutes. If you're a stovetop user, then place your press on top of your burner, turn on the heat to medium flame and leave it for some 15 minutes. If you are flatting your food, you don't need to over-heat it; maintain it at room temperature.

Now place your food on the grill grate and start cooking; you can put as much food as your cooking space can hold and make sure you leave some room between each dish you place to use your grill press comfortably without disturbing others near-by dishes.

Always remember to handle your grill press using heat-resistant gloves or a thick towel. While preheating your grill press, the handle will also get pretty heated as it is not resistant to heat. And once you place your food on the skillet or grill, use your grill press immediately and press it slowly so that the bottom of your food gets sear evenly and smoothly. If you are making a sandwich, bacon, or veggies, allow it to get cooked well before using your grill press.

Now start applying little pressure over your food and make it flat and sear; keep holding your food in that same position for few seconds. You can press it down as much flat you need. If you preheat your grill, press sear it from both sides. Press it down evenly to make sure you don't end up squirting out the juices.

After you have seared for enough time, take away your press gently. If you need your food to be very crunchy, then leave the grill press for some time, or else if you need to flat your food, then don't keep your grill press over your food for a longer duration, as the longer, it stays the darker the food crust will become. Take away the press using a thick cloth or glove and place the food on a plate. Your delicious meal is now all ready to be served.

1.1 Let's learn how to clean a grill press

Start by removing any leftover food pieces on your grill press; you can use some pinch of salt to scrub and remove the food that got stuck and rinse it using warm water and remove any food debris. Please do not use any soap solution or other chemicals to clean your grill press because it is made up of metals; thus, it can get rusted easily.

After washing it, use a dry cloth and gently wipe away the water droplets completely. Remember to use a clean and dry towel because water on your grill press may damage its metal surface, and it results in corrosion if you leave it with water drop for a longer duration.

After drying it out, remember re-seasoning your grill press, taking some vegetable oil or olive oil, and using a brush to apply it on your grill press. Now place your grill press on the skillet and heat it at medium flame for some 20minutes. Oil prevents the grill press from getting corroded easily.

1.2 Do's and don'ts

Avoid heating your grill press handle
Do not handle your grill press with bare hands
If you are not aware of how much pressure to apply on your grill press to cook it uniformly, leave the grill press on top of your food. This will help not to squeeze out more juice.

Avoid cleaning your grill press using soap; always clean it using warm water only.
Preheat your grill press before you start cooking.


Cuisinart cast iron grill press CGPR-221: this grill press comes with a wooden handle that gives you extra grip and heat protection. It weighs around 2.8lb, and it can cook two burgers in place.

Bellemain cast iron grill press: this grill press is round-shaped that helps apply pressure uniformly; thus, it traps all the flavor within the food, and weighs around three pounds, comes along with a cool wooden handle. 

Norpro 8.75 inches cast iron bacon press: it is also a round-shaped wooden knob grill presser. Can use it for cooking food like hamburgers, quesadillas, sandwiches.

New star foodservice 36435 commercial grade iron steak weight/ bacon press is very lightweight and comfortable to hold. Even new users can quickly learn how to use this simple designed grill press.

Lodge LGPR3 cast iron round grill press: this grill press can be used on both grills and ovens, with 7.5-inch round surface releases pressure uniformly. It speeds up the cooking time and offers a good cooking temperature.

Victoria cast iron grill press: this grill press is constructed from heavy-duty cast iron; it weighs around 2.15lb, and its dimensions are 8.3x4.4in. Can use this grill press for cooking panini, bacon, burgers. This gives a crunchy and juicy texture that makes your dish more delicious.

Charcoal companion cast iron rectangular grill press: it's a heavy and perfect cast iron grill press that gives you an excellent flat frame food. It doesn't come with a wooden handlebar and weighs 2.75lb. It can be used for flat-top surfaces or grill plates.

P.I.P.E large hamburger patty maker and grill press: Measures 4.6 inches and gives you a perfect patty without any cracked or broken edges. Its mold is made up of tough and lightweight aluminum, and it measures 4.6 inches.

Gadgetwiz enameled bacon cast iron grill press: this grill press is loved by many because it can be used on any surface like grills, griddles, electric induction, and gas stoves. The handlebar is made up of wood to protect your hand from high heat.

Jim beam JB0177 iron barbecue press: it has a stainless steel handle that gives a classy outlook to your grill press. You can cook all varieties of meat using this grill press.

Winco stainless steel steak weight: this grill press is considered to be the best for grilling or frying thicker cuts of steak or patties. It comes with a heat-resistant handle that can withstand heat up to 230'C or 450' F. you can use this for cooking burgers, sausages, bacon, and hash browns.

2.1 Things to be considered while buying a grill press are:

Press material: cast iron can retain heat very well, sear the top of the foods deeper compared to other material. The stainless steel grill press is easy to handle and does not require more maintenance.

Weight: heavy or medium-weighted grill press can give your food satisfactory press; its ideal weight must be between 1.5lb-2.5lb.

Handlebar: try to buy a grill press that comes with a wooden outframe or silicon frame as it is heat resistant and will protect your hand from any unnecessary heat burn.

Easy to clean: buy a grill press that looks simple and plain so that it does not store any food debris and will be easy to clean.


Put your bacon strips on the grill plate, apply pressure and slam it using a grill press. Cook it for a few minutes, turn it over to the other side, and press it until the bottom is well seared.

Place a steak weight on top of the grilling meat, and the force of the weight will press down the steak. Heat retains well on the weight and improves cooking time.

Before you start your cooking, make sure you have re-seasoned your grill press using cooking oil, now preheat it and place your meat or vegetables on the grill and allow it to sear. Now turn your meat to 45 degrees and use the meat or vegetable center as a mid-point that helps you crosshatch align. Allow it to burn for a few more minutes and flip to finish cooking.