How To Use Kamado Grill – Tips & Usage

How To Use Kamado Grill


Kamado grill is made from various materials, including high fire ceramics, refractory materials, double wall insulated steel, traditional terra cotta, or a mix of Portland cement and crushed. Certain kamados have dampers and draft doors for better heat control. Charcoal is preferred for firing over gas or electricity as it does not provide any flavor. Today we are going to see how to use kamado grill.

Let’s Get Started with how to use Kamado Grill 

  •  Kamado grill has an inbuilt or replaceable thermometer to calibrate the temperature. I’ll advise you to go for a replaceable thermometer; if the inbuilt thermometer stops functioning, you won’t be able to use your grill since you can’t maintain the required temperature.
  • Adjust your thermometer calibration before use. Check your thermometer calibration by soaking it in hot water; if it reads 100 degrees, it’s all set; if not, adjust it to get an accurate reading. So, you can know the exact temperature inside the grill.
  • Place all the given firebox pieces compacted inside (some product has fixed parts), make sure there isn’t any gap between them.
  • Place a wooden piece on the firebox center, place some charcoal around the wooden part, and then heat it up and close it with your fire grate. Allow it for few minutes and check if the vents are functioning correctly. Check if the temperature controller is working thoroughly .
  • Do not overheat it since it takes lots of time to cool down and handle it carefully.
  • Once you’re done grilling, please do not open the lid completely; open it to few inches and wait for three to five seconds and then open it completely. This is an essential safety measure, and always follow the step mentioned above. 

Setting up your kamado grill

  • Setup your thermometer on the lid.
  • Place your firebox below, now add some wooden pieces and charcoal around.
  • Heat and close it with the cast iron fire grate.
  • Place your grilling grate above. 

Parts of Kamado grill


  • Firebox
  • Cast iron firegrate
  • Fire Ring
  • Grilling grate


  • Damper top 
  • Lid
  • Cloth gasket 
  • Hinges
  • Draft
  • Side vent draft 

Tips to remember

  • Always remember to grill in open space with proper ventilation.
  • If you have bought it for new, check if all the apparatus are functioning correctly.
  • To claim warranty, register your product online with the serial number on your manual.
  • To cook low and slow: Place a wooden piece in the center of the fire box and place some charcoal around the wooden piece now add another two to three pieces of wooden pieces and cover it up with charcoal then heat it up and closed the lid.
  • Always clean your grill grate, brush it with butter and preheat it before you start grilling.

Tips to remember

  • Kamado grills are made up of ceramic that maintains excellent heat retention and is constructed in egg shape providing enough cooking space. A thicker ceramic layer plays a better role in maintaining the temperature.
  • The airflow is in circular motion that controls both heat and smoke for low and slow cooking.
  • It can be used for slow as well as blast cooking.
  • Cost-effective
  • Smaller in size but has all the advance features.
  • Storage space given is more for tools, plates.
  • Wheels are large and have a steel frame.
  • Easy grilling and saves time.

Types of kamado grill available

1. Vision grills kamado pro ceramic charcoal grill with grill cover - 214 sq. inch of primary cooking space.

2. Kamado Joe Classic II charcoal grill – 280 sq. inch of primary cooking space and the total weight is 126 pounds

3. Char griller Akron kamado charcoal grill – 314 inches of primary cooking, temperature maintained is 200 to 700 degrees.

4. Char griller Akron jr.kamado kooker charcoal grill – 37 pounds, 14-inch diameter grate, 153 sq. inch of primary cooking and temperature maintained from 200 to 700 degree.

5. Broil king keg kamado charcoal grill – 126 pounds and 280 sq. Inches of primary cooking.

6. Kamado joe big joe II charcoal grill - 24 inch and 452 sq. inch of cooking space

7.Big green egg large kamado grill - 18.25 inch in diameter and has 262 sq. inch cooking space.

8.Vision grills icon 101 hybrid electric kamado grill – 214 sq. inch of cooking space


Ceramic grills are built heavily to maintain the temperature, but it breaks easily if it falls accidentally.