Infrared vs Gas Grill 

We know that many people have been discussing this in the recent times. We do not know what you are going to prefer but we are going to tell you the facts about both of them so that you can make a well informed decision. There are many people that have joined in the conversation of infrared and gas grill. We are going to compare the two so that you get a better idea of what it is about. 

A Comparison 

Let us take a look at the gas grills and infrared grills and the features that they come along with. They are very common and a lot of people are starting to use one or the other. Take a look. 


This is an obvious difference but some people might not have noticed it. The temperature of the infrared grill and the gas grill is very different. Infrared burners can produce a huge amount of heat compared to the traditional burners. Most of the infrared burners can reach a temperature of about 700 degrees Fahrenheit and some of the burners can go even higher than that. You can cook steaks it other thick cuts of meat quite easily at the high temperature. If you want to cook the tougher parts of meat then this is the perfect one for you. 

In gas grills, you have the temperature for grilling almost all kind of food. The temperature of the gas grill can not get past 600 degrees Fahrenheit even if you are going to buy the best one in the market. You can get a low range and a high range of temperature on a gas grill. 

Heat Source 

Both the gas grill and the infrared grill is similar when it comes to heat source. They need gas to power up and start heating. You can go for the propane gas or the natural gas option if you want. It totally depends on you. There are exceptions where the infrared grill runs on electricity but they are pretty rare as most of the infrared grills use gas as their heat source. 

Cooking Technique 

There is a difference between the cooking techniques of both the infrared grill and the gas grill. The food is not cooked the same way on both of them. Gas grills use convention for cooking. The process involves heating up the air around the flames. The hot air then circulates and provides heat throughout the grill. If you do not understand then think of a fireplace. How the heat is moved around the space and room, in a similar way the gas grill circulates the heat and cooks the meat. 

Convention is easy enough to understand but there is a major disadvantage for this kind of cooking that is not understood by a lot of people. Convention heating breaks down the moisture barrier of the meat and causes the food to dry out. This can make the inside pretty dry and all the juices will go to waste. Many people have to fine tune the cooking time to make sure that they are not getting dry food. 

In infrared grills, the process of radiation is used instead of convention. We do not face the same problem of the food drying out during the cooking process with this style of cooking. In the process of radiation the heat is given to the heat ceramic plates or metal plates which in turn transfers the heat to the food. Generally, the ceramic plate is placed between the gas flame and the meat. You are not directly exposing the food to the flames. The food gets evenly cooked and heated. You tend to have juicier meat because the moisture barrier is not breached by the fire. 


Infrared grills can cook your food much faster than the gas grill. We have told you that the grill can reach a very high temperature so that means that you can be done with the cooking process very fast. When you have got a lot of guest at your barbecue party then you do want to make things easier for everyone by cooking the food at a fast rate. If you do not want to wait for a long time for the grill to preheat then also the infrared grill comes in handy. We are not saying that the gas grill is slow but when it is compared to the infrared grill, the latter steals the show. 

Low-Temperature Grilling 

High temperature is all well and good but that is not always true. People like to cook food in a low and slow temperature too. If you want to go for slow cooking then the gas grill is going to be the better choice. You can cook all the cuts of meats so that they melt in your mouth. It is going to take a longer period of time than the high heat of the infrared grill but it is going to be worth it. Many beginners are not suited to use infrared grills because they can overlook or burn the food if they do not pay attention. The good food is cooked very fast in an infrared grill. 

You won't have any problem cooking steak on the infrared grill but it might be difficult to cook seafood or vegetables on the infrared grill as they are more delicate in nature and need a low temperature to cook. 


It is generally said that the infrared grill is more flexible when it comes to temperature. We know that this might make you confused but it is true. You can make the heat adjustments according to your needs. You can go on to do searing, grilling, roasting, or barbecue cooking on the infrared grill. The heat energy in the conventional gas grill can not be controlled properly because the food is directly exposed to the flame. So you get better control with the infrared grill. 

Heat Distribution 

Infrared grill has much more of an even distribution of the heat rather than the gas grill. This is because of the fact that there is no direct contact between the food and the fire. The heat distribution can be a little off when it comes to the traditional gas grills. There can be the possibility of a hot spot or a cold spot on the gas grill. So if you want proper consistency then you might have to go with the infrared grill. They do not have any hot or cold spots. You get the same temperature on every bit of the surface. 

Fuel Efficiency 

The main question is that which grill will use less fuel? Both the grills have the option to use natural gas or propane. However, out of the two grills, infrared grill can make use of less fuel to cook the food. This happens because the flame of the infrared grill is not exposed to air. When you open the lid, the heat does not get affected. When you open the lid of a gas grill, there is a loss of heat in the air. This makes the grill use more fuel to get to the required temperature. This happens every time you open the grill. 

The high temperature of the infrared grill makes the preheating time less so there is use of less fuel. At the end of the day, you get a lot less fuel consumption with the infrared grills. If you want to save your money long term then this is the way you can do it. At the rate the fuel prices are going up, we dont blame you if you choose an infrared grill purely based on this factor. 

Flare ups 

Flare ups are a huge problem with grills. The sudden burst of the flame when you are cooking something can be dangerous for the person doing the grilling. You might be thinking that the infrared grills have a lot of flare ups because of the high temperature that it works at. However, the reality is the complete opposite. The flame is controlled and it has no direct contact with the food or the air. No juices can dribble down to create a flare up in the infrared grill. 

The grates of the infrared grills have a concave shape and it can hold the liquid and juices that drip down while grilling. It does not cause the flare ups. You have an increased risk of flare ups in the gas grill because of the flame that is in contact with the food and the air. 


The taste of the food cooked on both the grills is also very important when it comes to grilling. No one wants to eat the food that does not taste good. We must say that food tastes better in the infrared grill. This is mainly because of the cooking technique of both the grills. You get juicy meat in the infrared grill while the gas grill can cause the meat to dry out. We have discussed about this before too. Gas grills can also cause flare ups and cause the food to be charred and burnt. It can leave a bitter aftertaste in the mouth.


The price of the grill is one of the major factors to consider when it comes to grilling food. Many customers will think about it as the foremost factor. Gas grills wins this because they are much more affordable than the infrared grills. The infrared grills have a higher price tag. 

Best Gas Grill - Blaze 32” 4 Burner Built-In Gas Grill

Blaze 32” 4 Burner Built-In Gas Grill

The Blaze 32” 4 Burner Built-In Gas Grill is a good example of a gas grill. It comes with 4 burners and performs a good deal. The grill also has a read infrared burner so you can experience some sort of infrared cooking. It has a cooking area of 740 Square inches which is more than enough to cook for a bunch of people. There are also zone operators to cook different good food at different temperatures. 

It has a good ignition system which comes with flash tube ignition and crossovers in case you need backup.


  • It has powerful burners.
  • The backup ignition can come in handy.
  • There are heat zone separators to cook different food.
  • It has a lot of cooking area.


  • It can cause minor flare ups

Best Infrared Grill - TEC Sterling Patio FR 44” Stainless Steel 2 Burner Built-In Infrared Grill

TEC Sterling Patio FR 44” Stainless Steel 2 Burner Built-In Infrared Grill

The TEC Sterling Patio FR 44” Stainless Steel 2 Burner Built-In Infrared Grill sure is a mouthful. If you want an infrared burner then we have got you the best option. It comes with two stainless steel burners and it comes with a temperature range of 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a cooking area of 592 square inches. The radiant panels sit over the burner and performs all the functions of radiation. 

You do not have to spend a lot of time cleaning the grill either because it has got a good cleaning system. 


  • It has got two stainless steel burners.
  • You can cook faster on this one.
  • It is self cleaning.
  • The radiant glass panels are perfect.
  • You get a high temperature range.
  • The food cooked is of high quality.


  • The commercial design might not be appealing.


Thank you so much for giving this article here a read. We are sure that you now know about the best grills that you can find for yourself. The debate of the gas grill and infrared grill has been going around for some time and we are very happy to have contributed something to it. We had a lot of fun writing this article and we hope that it has been if some help to you. Thats all that we have to say for now. Have a good day. Take care of yourself. Have a fun time grilling and share the food with your friends and family!