Kamado Grill vs Green Egg

Kamado grills have been around for a long time. They are one of the oldest form of cooking a meal. The kamado grill vs green egg debate has been going on for some time since the people are trying to figure out which company makes the best kamado grills. Well, we are here to contribute to the conversation. Take a look. 

Kamado Grills: A Basic Overview

Kamado grills are known to be egg-shaped. They have been growing a lot popular in the grilling market even though the cooking technique has been around for a long time. The style of cooking is not new but people are seemingly rediscovering it and the demand for kamado grills are going up in the modern market. The grills are known for their heat distribution and retention. You get the smokiness from the charcoal and you get the food cooked evenly. If you are someone who smoked regularly and you want to enjoy a different kind of experience then this the one for you. We do not recommend kamado grills for the beginners. 

What Is A Kamado-Style Grill?

A kamado grill is generally oval-shaped, much like an urn or an egg. It works on charcoal and depends on it for the heat and smoke source. The working of a kamado grill is similar to that of the convection oven. The food is surrounded by hot air so that every part of the food is cooked evenly. It has a lot of heat and retention. You can enjoy the good features of this grill. Mostly these grills are made from ceramic which helps in the heat retention process.

The modern kamado grills are altered at times to make them more efficient. The overall shape might be the same but they come in different configurations by the different brands. They are made with the modern technology so they are more efficient than the older ones. Of course, if you are looking for an authentic experience then you can get a basic kamado grill without any of the bells and whistles. Most of the modern grills come with porcelain glazes that can increase the heat retention property of the grill. You can also buy a number of accessories from the market to increase the functionality of the grill. 

The History Of The Kamado Grill

The name of kamado grills comes from a traditional Japanese cooking appliance that was used during the Kofun period (250-538 AD). It was commonly known as the a mushikamado rice cooker. It was made from clay which is known as a ceramic material and it was shaped like an egg. Wood or charcoal was used as a fuel and this allowed the cooker to become effective in the unique style of cooking. The egg-like shape of the cooker and the ceramic walls provided a lot of insulation and it became easy to hold a steady temperature. This made sure that you cooked in an fuel efficient way and the food got cooked evenly from all sides. 

You can go on roasting, grilling, baking, or smoking on the appliance with ease. The concept of the mushikamado rice cooker  was brought back to America by the soldiers who were stationed in Japan during the war. Now they are known far and wide as kamado grills. 

Kamado Joe History

The brand was founded in 2009 by Bobby Brennan and Kerry Coker. They are now growing as one of the most popular brands that are making the charcoal kamado grills in the market. It was very effective in wiping out the competition and making a name for itself in the market. This is because of the good building and construction of the grills. It is also because they brought a lot of additional features to the scene to help you improve your grilling experience. Brennan and Coker are very passionate about the job that they do. They have taken the art of barbecue and grilling seriously and have left behind their corporate jobs to focus on this one. 

They wanted to create a better ceramic grill in the market than the existing ones and they have given their full attention to the development of the product. They have come up with several features and improvements over the years to make it more attractive and useful for the users. Kamado Joe as a company has done very good in the market. This company has become a household name. They focus on the ease of use and convenience of the grill. They have certain features in their grills that are unique to the grills and can not be found anywhere else. 

These are known as patented features and it prevents others from using it. These features are the Divide and Conquer cooking system, Kontrol Tower top vent, slide-out ash drawer, and Air Lift hinge. They have been made by the brand with a lot of attention to detail and makes grilling on the grill easy. You can go ahead and cook and clean in a matter of minutes. They are also very durable so you are going to enjoy the services of the grill for a long time. 

Big Green Egg History 

Ed Fisher, who was a Pachinko game importer was the first person to give the design of the modern kamado grill. So we can say that it is the brainchild of this guy. He was the one who founded the Big Green Egg in the year 1974. He saw the potential of the mushikamado rice cooker and imported it from outside. He started to work on the existing construction to make it even better and marketable. He made quite a few heads turn with the product that he came up with. 

Big Green Egg stands at the top of the market because of the origin and the good quality of grills that they make. They have a rich history and people prefer the original maker over the others. This company is also favored by a lot of Michelin star restaurants. The grills are known to be vegan-friendly and organic so they can serve a range of people. The ceramic used in the making of the brand grills comes from reg ceramic NASA was supposed to use. A draft door and a temperature control rEGGulator are the patented features of the brand so you will not get them anywhere else. 

They have a lot of properties that makes the grill perfect for cooking. The Big Green Egg comes from the iconic color of the grill. They are generally distinguished with the bright green color of the exterior of the grill. The green color does not fade or get any discoloration on it. The signature look of the brand remains intact after many uses. They have a solid construction and can work through out the year in any weather conditions.

Does Kamado Joe And Big Green Egg Manufacture In The USA?

No, they do not manufacture the grills locally. Kamado Joe manufactures their grills in Yixing, China. There are many new customers who will take this as a hit to the quality and longevity of the grill but we will get to that later. Many new customers do move on when they learn about this little feature without any further investigation. This is because of the fact that there is a reputation in the market about Chinese products. We have all heard of it, lets be real. These grills are not cheap. They come with a good price tag and you get a good deal out of it. The Big Green Eggs on the other hand are manufacture in Monterrey, Mexico. 

Best Foods To Cook In A Kamado Grill

Kamado grills are known to be very versatile so you can actually cook a lot of different kinds of food in the grill. You can go ahead and cook whatever you want on the grill. There are just a little bit of restrictions. You can make anything from delicious ribs, brisket, or pulled pork to poultry such as chicken or turkey. You can even make pizza on the grill. This is like an oven so whatever you can make in an oven can be made on a kamado grill too. 

Product Lines At A Glance

Let's take a look at the product lines of the brands at a glance to get a better idea about them. 

Kamado Joe

Let us start with this brand. They have quiet a number of series under them. 

Big Joe Series 

  • If you are going to cook for a lot of people then this is the series that you need to be looking for. You get a lot of cooking area on the grill so that you fan cook for the entire neighborhood. There are three models that you get with the series - Big Joe I, II, and III. You get all the standard features of the brand with the three models. They come with thick  walls, a heat resistant shell along with a cart and locking wheels, finished folding side shelves and handles, ash tool, stainless steel cooking grates, a built-in thermometer, the patented slide-out ash drawer, and a grill gripper. The first two models have two tiers while the third one has an extra tier. They are all build well. 

Classic Joe Series

  • This one is regarded as the gold standard of the series and they also come in three different models like Classic I, II, and III. Each of the models is an upgrade on the previous one and they are very good. We will not say that all of them are standard because they come with unique features of their own. The heat deflector accessory and the signature sturdy ceramic build are present in each one of them. A wire mesh fiberglass gasket is added to the third and second models of the series. There are two tiers in the first two models while there is an extra one in the third model. 

Junior Series

  • These are the most portable options among a kamado grill. They are perfect for a few people and they are very good for grilling burgers, steak, or chicken. There is only one model and it comes with the basic features of the brand. 

Big Green Egg

Next we have the Big Green Egg with their collection. We are going to take a look at them. The models are ranging from 2XL Big Green Egg to Mini Big Green Egg. 

XL Big Green Egg

  • The XL Big Green Egg is similar in size to the Big Joe series. It comes with a lot of cooking area so you can cook for a lot of people on this one. It has a cast-iron top vent and a stainless steel bottom vent that is used to maintain the temperature of the grill. It is easy to use and clean. There are a number of accessories that can be bought by the user to use it along with the grill. 

Large Big Green Egg

  • The Large Big Green Egg has a 18.25-inch cooking space. It is slightly larger in size than the Classic Joe. It comes with the basic functions of the kamado grill and the special features of the brand. Once again, you can buy a number of different accessories to help you along the cooking process. 

Small Big Green Egg

  • This is the smaller version of the Big Green Egg and it is suited for people who do not intent to cook for a lot of people. It is a compact grill which makes it light and portable. It is not that light but when you compare it to the other kamado grills then this one appear to be lighter. It comes with the basic features and the built-in thermometer to tell you the temperature of the grill. It looks good too. Overall, this is a very good grill that we all love. It is suited for people who like to travel too.

Kamado Joe Vs. Big Green Egg Head To Head

Now that we have learned all about the two brands and the grills that they have in their series, we are going to go ahead and have a clash of the two brands head to head to see what are the similarities and differences in these two brands. You will also get a proper insight. So take a look. 


Big Green Egg has been around for some time and they had been dominating the market when Kamado Joe came into existence in 2009. They did not have any reputation but they started to gain a lot of attention because of the different features that they provide in their grill. The top vent of the Kamado Joe is made with cast aluminum which prevents it from rusting when it is exposed in the rain. However, the Big Green Egg is made of cast iron. The bottom vent of both the grills is made with standard stainless steel. 

The Big Green Egg built-in thermometer has a good reading so you can get the accurate temperature of the grill. The Kamado Joe thermometer is larger and easier to read but it does not tell you the accurate temperature of the grill. The Kamado Joe on the other hand is very easy to clean with a removable ash drawer but it can get messy to clean the Big Green Egg given the fact that you have to use a rake to get the ash out. 

Kamado Joe comes with the Divide and Conquer cooking grates which is patented. The tiers allow you to cook different kinds of food. This makes the entire process of grilling very efficient. The different levels allow you to cook the food at the different temperatures. The Big Green Egg has a standard level of cooking surface so you can get a lot more even cooking on this one. The grills of the brand come with wooden handles that remain cool to touch while the Kamado Joe comes with high quality plastic handles. 

Construction And Quality

Both the grills have great construction quality. The Big Green Egg says that they use NASA pioneered ceramics but there is not much of a difference between the two shells of the brands. The wire mesh fiberglass gasket of the Kamado Joe grills are more useful and durable than the standard gasket of the Big Green Egg. We have to say that the Kamado Joe brand has done a better job with the quality of the brand. The support of the unit is much better than the Big Green Egg. Looks like they have surpassed the dominant brand in the market in this aspect. No wonder the demand is growing even more. 


There are a number of accessories that you can get with the Kamado Joe brand. We are sure that it is one of the best things that can happen to a grilling expert. It comes with a range of accessories like heavy-duty stand with wheels, finished folding high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shelves, ash tool, the slide-out ash drawer, and a grill gripper. There are others too that you can look for. The range is always increasing. 

The Big Green Egg also comes with a lot of options. However, you do not get them included with the grill so you need to buy them separately. The grill stand is also required to be purchases separately by the brand. The accessories are all innovative and no one can match the brand with the options that they have. 


The customer service of both the brands are located in the United States and they do a good job at providing assistance to the users in need. Kamado Joe has a good support service and they are known for the prompt response and good behavior of the employees. The Big Green Egg also has a good support service and it comes with a dedicated forum of BGE users, called the EGGhead Forum. This forum has trustworthy information that can help you in many situations. There are also cooking recipes if you want to give them a go. It can come in very handy for introverts who do not want to contact another person on customer service. 


They provide good warranty periods for the customers. Both the brands are generally following the standard rules of warranty. It you are the original owner of the grill then you will get lifelong guarantee on all ceramic components of the Big Green Egg. There is a warranty of 1 year on the thermometer and the gasket. The ceramic add-ons will have a warranty of 3 years. The metal components have a warranty of 5 years or so. 

Price And Overall Value

Kamado Joe wins this one without a doubt. You don't have to worry about the different accessories that you need to buy separately when it comes to the Big Green Egg. A similar model of the Kamado Joe is going to cost you much less than the Big Green Egg. 


That's the end of the article. Thank you for reading this article and sticking to the very end. We had a great time writing the article and it was amusing to research about the two brands and the kamado grills that they make. We hope that you have also gathered a lot of information and facts about the two brands so that you can make your decision on which one is better. We think that the Kamado Joe is better in every aspect. It has got a good build and it is very cost effective too. Take care of yourself and make sure to have a great time grilling good food! Don't forget to share with your friends and family!