Napoleon Grill vs Weber 

We know that there had been a lot of companies that have been compared with Weber. Many grill brands have tried to make grills at par with the Weber brand and Napoleon is one of them. The conversation of Napoleon grill and Weber has been around for some time and we are contributing to the discussion. We do hope that you can tune in to the debate. Let's take a look. 

Weber Brand Overview

If you have grilled before then you know about the Weber brand. It is all that everyone can talk about. It is very important to understand that they did not gain a lot of fame by chance. The brand put out grills that are at par with excellence. Most of the grills from the Weber brands are good ones and you can not go wrong with them. However, they are quite costly given the brand name and the features that you get with it. 

The brand did not start by making grills. It started as a metal works company back in 1893. They found a new path when they made the kettle grill back in 1952. This was the start of the grill making journey of the brand. The kettle grill was made from a metal buoy and they split it into two parts. They have become a major grill maker in the market now and they always come up with new items. The brand has a lot of loyal customers. 

They started to create a wide range of grills and smokers over the years. They are also pretty well known for making a lot of grilling accessories to help their customers. They have evolved with the changing environment and now they use a lot of technology in their products. It is amazing to see a company go through such growth. 

Napoleon Brand Overview

Napoleon grill coincidentally have kind of a similar origin to Weber grills which makes the comparison even more interesting. They have originated much later than the Weber brand but they also started out as a metal works brand. It was started in Canada by two German immigrants. They took to manufacturing grills in 1980. They have steadily built their brand and the reputation over the years. They have also made a lot of heating appliances over the years. 

They are quite well known in the market too and they are associated with high end grills. Innovative features and excellent construction are the two most important points of the Napoleon brand. It is amazing to see a brand go head to head with Weber. We have not seen many brands that can give Weber such a competition. 

Head To Head Comparison

Let's look at some of the notable features of both the brands to understand the difference between the two along with the features. We have discussed about it all here. 

Design And Construction

Let's take it one feature at a time. 


The location of the gas tank is the major difference here. Weber grills generally have the gas tank located outside. Napoleon tends to hide the gas tanks in the models. You do get a tidy look when the tank is placed inside but when it comes to use then Weber takes the cake. You can get a lot of storage space in the cart if the tank is outside. It can be visually less appealing than the Napoleon grills but we do like the convenience more than the looks in this one. 

Side Tables

Many Weber grills have side tables that can not be folded while most of the Napoleon grills come with at least one foldable table. You can check the individual models before you buy it. Check the material used for the construction too. Stainless steel is generally used but porcelain coated tables are better than the stainless steel ones. 


Both the brands say that their lids are wind resistant. However, we have seen that Napoleon has better lids than Weber. It does not mean that Weber does not have a good wind resistant lid. We are just making a comparison here. If you are living in a windy location then this is an important factor to consider. Napoleon might be the better option for you. 

Fire Box

Seamless aluminum fire boxes are present in both the brands. It can help you resist any kind of rusting. The construction is good and you do not have to worry about the stability. Both the brands have done a great job making the fire box. You also get flavorizer bars with the box. 

Ignition System

This is a major difference between the two brands. Weber has independent burners that needs to be ignited one after the other. It means that if wind blows out one of the burners then you need to light them again. Napoleon has connected burners. If the wind blows out one of them then it can reignite by itself. 


Both the brands are around the same range. Weber does tend to have a high price given the brand name. We have seen a lot of competition between the two brands. The prices are also very competitive. The features can play an important factor in the decision. You have to choose the one that fits with the price as well as the features that you are getting for the price paid. 


Now lets talk about the performance. 

Main Burners

The performance of the main burners on both the grills are perfect. Heat is properly spread through the entire surface of the grill. Weber has that extra heat that can help you cook at a very high temperature. The flavorizer bars can turn the drippings into smoke to add more flavor to the food. Napoleon are in the same category as that of the Weber grill. The grades conduct the heat very well to the food you are cooking. 

Side and Rear Burners

The use of side and rear burners depend on the users. If you are using them properly then it can come in very handy. They are perfect for the extra space that you need to cook side dishes or heat up a sauce. They are good additions to a grill and are very versatile. Both Weber and Napoleon have good options on the high end models of the brands. When we compare the two then we see that Napoleon has a higher grade than the Weber grills. 

Temperature Range

This varies according to the model of the grill and the number of burners that the model has. You can monitor the temperature of the grill in Weber with the modern technology. You can go around the house and you will be notified about any changes if there are any. Both the brands have a good temperature range. The range in the smaller models are also noteworthy. If you want the grill to heat up quickly them you just need to put it on the highest temperature setting. The range can go from low to high in a matter of minutes. We think that Weber has a higher temperature range than Napoleon in general. 

Cooking Space

This also depends on the model. However, if we are speaking in general then the Napoleon grills have a higher cooking area than the Weber grills. Warming racks are also very important. Napoleon has removable warming racks that are good but they can be easily misplaced. Weber comes with warming racks too but they are not removable. They are good to cook food and warm up cooked food. 


There is a key difference between the warranty of both the brands. The warranty of 10 years on the Weber grills cover all the Spirit II, Genesis II and Summit models. Napoleon offers a warranty of 15 years on the Rogue series which covers all the parts of the grill. This is such a major difference between the two brands. 

Which One To Choose?

You should definitely choose the one that is good for you. Many people choose the Weber brand while mane people go to the Napoleon. It depends on the kind of work that you do on the grill and the cooking style. It is a subjective matter so we have just given you the facts and the choice must be made by you. 


Thank you so much for giving this article here a read. We are sure that you might have a better idea about both the brands now that you haven taken a look at the history and the features offered by both the grill brands. Thats all that we have for now. Have a good day. Take care of yourself. Be sure to pick a grill that suits you and your needs. Do not think about others opinion too much. You are buying the grill for yourself and you are the one who is going to cook on it. Have a fun time grilling and eating the food.