Pk Grill vs Big Green Egg 

Comparing the Pk grill with the big green egg means that you are basically comparing it with kamado grill. Many people would like to know the comparison between the two. They are both charcoal grills a and they are high end models of the same type of grill. You might be wondering which one is better. Take a look at the article here to know more about it. 

Construction and Design

Pk grills are made of casts aluminum. It makes the grill durable and does not add a lot of extra and unnecessary weight to the body of the grill. The grill looks beautiful because of the aluminum finish and you do not have to worry about the rusting. We are sure that you can get the rust-proof action with the cast aluminum surface.The design of the grill is based on the original PK charcoal grill that was created in the 20th century. They come with smooth hinges and heat-proof handles on their lids.

The seals on the grill make sure that all the heat stays inside the grill. It is important for heat retention. The paint used on the grill is also heat resistant so it is not going to peel off and make the grill look horrible. The Pk grills are manufactured in the United States, specifically in Arkansas. 

The kamado grills are different. The cheaper models and the higher end models are made of different materials. Porcelain is used to make the body of the cheaper models while the high end models are made from ceramic. Now please understand that when we say cheaper, it is in comparison to the higher level grills of the same brand. Even the cheap kamado grills are quite costly. Most of the kamado grills are very heavy. The small units are heavy too. They are egg-shaped and that is why they are called the Big Green Egg. 

Kamado grills can be fragile when it is made from porcelain. You will have to worry about the cracks that can happen to the body of the grill. Or you can go for the ceramic models that are very durable and can last for a lifetime. They are manufactured in China and the United States. It depends on the brand that you are choosing. 

Heat Retention and Thermal Conductivity 

The Pk grills are made to be good at heat retention. The design and the products used for the manufacture of the grills are said to be perfect for heat retention. The grill has high heat conductivity so your grill can heat up in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is to switch on the grill and then be done with it. Your optimum temperature will reach and you can start cooking. It does not matter whether the weather outside is windy or cold, the grill will do a good job at retaining the temperature and providing constant heat to the food. 

The kamado grills have have lower thermal conductivity which means that it can take some time for the grill to heat up. This is mainly because of the construction material of the grill. This also means that the grill will take a long time to cool down. It can be tricky to cook food on less heat in the kamado grill but with practice you can master that art too. You can easily cook the food that needs less heat first and then go for the high heat foods. The cooking sequence needs to be planned every time to make efficient use of time and fuel. The heat retention is good so you dont have to worry about it. 


When it comes to charcoal grills you have to worry about the temperature control. Many people are scared of charcoal grills because that means you have to control the temperature yourself and that needs a lot of practice. It is a learning curve that many people seem to avoid. For those who like to learn, it is important to have proper ventilation and air flow in your charcoal grill. If you can control the air flow then you can go ahead and control the temperature of the grill easily. 

The Pk grill has a 4-point air control system which comes with 2 inlets at bottom of the grill and 2 outlets at the top of the grill. You can control these vents to make sure that the temperature of the grill stays as it is. Kamado grills also know that a good ventilation is very important do they include two vents. One inlet and one outlet. 


Pk literally means portable kitchen so you can guess the portable nature of the grill. The portability is the main function that the company focuses on. They make the body with cast aluminum to make the grill light so that it can be easy to carry anywhere you want. They come with rubber wheels for easy movement. It is very compact so they are going to take very little space. 

Kamado grills are rather heavy and they are not good as portable grills. You will have a hard time carrying it from your garage to the backyard. So, forget about taking it to a camping trip. The small models can also weigh around 90 or 100 pounds. If you want a charcoal grill for the road then it is better to steer away from a kamado grill and go for the PK grill. You will save yourself a lot of hassle. 


No one wants to scrub the grill for hours in order to clean it after using it. This is why cleaning is an important factor to consider whenever you are buying a new grill. Companies are also paying a lot of attention to this aspect of the grill to make sure that the people are getting the convenience of a easy clean up. No one wants a grill that will take hours to clean. The Pk grills are easy to clean and you don't have to worry about the scratches on the coating because cast aluminum is scratch-proof. 

The kamado grills are easy to clean too because the ceramic or porcelain finish presents any food from sticking. However, you need to be careful and make sure that you are not leaving scratches behind. That can ruin the beautiful finish of the grill. 


A Pk grill can easily last 50 years and if you take proper care of the grill then it can last for 80 to 100 years too! Kamado grills are known to be fragile and delicate. The porcelain ones can break if you are not careful. However, the ceramic ones are known to be quite hardy. 

Which One Is Better?

We will say that the Pk grill is a better choice according to our calculations. There are many things that you can get with your Pk grill. It is portable and durable. It is also easier to clean than the kamado grills. We are not that the kamado grills are not good. It's just that we think that the Pk grills have more advantages than the kamado grills. 


Thats the end of the article. We do hope that you have had a good time reading the article since we had a fun time writing it. It is always a pleasure to do comparisons between the two brands. The debate over the Pk and Kamado grill is still going on and you can join in the forums to voice your opinion if you want. Both grills are good. Pk takes the edge with a few steps. You can choose the grill that suits you the most. Make sure to share the good food with your friends and family! We are sure that food will taste much better when shared with your near and dear ones.