Traeger vs Louisiana Grill 

The Traeger and Louisiana grill are both kind of pellet grills. They are good but when it comes to comparison, people have launched into a debate about which one is the better of the two grills. We have decided to contribute something to the conversation. If you are interested in knowing then you have come to the right place. Take a look. 

Which Pellet Grill Is Better?

To answer this question, we have to look into some of the details about the two grills. Traeger grills have been the inventor of pellet grills and they have been making these grills for a long time. They come with a lot of flashy features. On the other hand Louisiana grills come with less pizzazz but more power, space, and precision. Let's take a look at the features of both the grills and the brand in details. 

What Is a Pellet Grill?

A pellet grill is kind of a mix between gas grills, kitchen ovens, and charcoal smokers. It is all present in one unit. This makes pellet grills so popular among the people. The pellet grill is proof that cooking food is not a chore that you need to do. The pellet grills run on pellets. They are like chicken feed to look at but they are actually compressed sawdust. You are going to have a lot of freedom to cook whatever you want on a pellet grill. Joe Traeger came up with the idea of a pellet grill in 1980. No one had even heard about this grill before that time. Lets take a look at some of the history. 

The Start of Traeger Grills

Pellet stoves was all the rage in the 70's. These pellets were used to keep the home warm. However, the cooking equipment was not yet ready to take on pellet grills. Joe Traeger had to face the same problem so he created the pellet grills. The patent for the grill was submitted in 1986 and he got the patent for the first pellet grill. Traeger enjoyed this for a long time. The patent prevebted anyone from designing a similar grill for the next two decades. The patent expired in 2006 and many other competitors entered into the market of pellet grills. Now we have a lot of companies making even better pellet grills than Traeger. 

The Start of Louisiana Grills

Dan Thiessen founded a company called Danson in 1999. This was not related to pellet grills. This company mainly focused on manufacturing and selling outdoor equipment. As soon as the patent ended, he created a subsidiary company called Louisiana Grills. The brands have competed with each other since 2006 and the competition still goes one as one pellet grill tries to outdo the other. 

Comparing Brands of Grills

When a person is buying a grill, one tends to do toward the familiar brand. Change can terrify a customer and trying new things is a harder deal. This is what Traeger uses to bring over more customers to their sides. They have been around for longer, so customers tend to trust that brand more. Louisiana grills does not have the national trust but they continue to do their best. Traeger might be a household name but Louisiana is not giving up either. There are diverse appliances for all kinds of price range. Let's take a look at the comparison of the brands. We are taking Traeger Grills’ Pro Series 22 and Louisiana Grills’ LG700 models to compare.

Traeger vs. Louisiana Grills: Construction

A good grill should be able to withstand withstand weather, time, and transportation. You can not have good food from an unstable grill. If a company fails to make the grill sturdy the looks mean nothing. An ideal grill should be durable as well as attractive. 

Traeger Grills Construction

Traeger Grills’ Pro Series 22 is a barrel shaped grill. It is made with heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel. It can withstand scratches and stains. It also has wheels to make it easy to move around. They are portable but that does not mean that quality of the grill is sacrificed. The Traeger grill is not only functional but it is very attractive to look at. Most of the grills are black but this one has a bronze hood to stand among the crowd. 

Louisiana Grills Construction

Louisiana Grills’ LG700 have also got the barrel structure. It does not have a bronze hood. It goes for the common black. The body is sleek and made with 14-gauge, powder-coated steel. There are wheels on the grill to make it easy to move around. The body and the lid is crafted simultaneously to make sure that it is fitted perfectly and that there is no scope for the heat or smoke up escape from the grill. 

Traeger vs. Louisiana Grills: Temperature Control

The even cooking of food is very important. You do not want to eat unevenly cooked food because they taste horrible. A grill should have the perfect temperature control so that the food tastes good. Pellet grills have a digital system that can provide constant heat and cook the food evenly. 

Traeger Grills Temperature Control

The Traeger grill comes with a Pro Series Controller Panel. You can choose the temperature of your liking by turning the knob. It is as simple as that. The grill will do the work for you. Advanced Grilling Logic feature of the grill gives you a temperature range of 180 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. However, weather can be a huge problem when it comes to Traeger grill. They do not cook well when the climate is windy or cold. They simply forgot to take the weather as a factor. 

Louisiana Grills Temperature Control

Louisiana grills have a digital panel called a PID Controller. You can change and check the temperature of the grill without opening the lid. You get precise temperature control with the unit. The temperature range of the grill is from 180 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The climate does not affect the cooking and temperature at all. You can cook all the food you want in a windy or cold day. 

Traeger vs. Louisiana Grills: Cooking Surface Area

The kind of cooking area you are looking for depends on the number of people that you plan to cook for. However, every grill needs to have a standard cooking area. 

Traeger Grills Cooking Surface Area

The Traeger grills have 2 racks with the space of 572 square inches. Remember that we are talking about the Pro Series 22 model. The lower rack has a space of 418 square inches and the upper rack has a space of 154 square inches. It also comes with two meat probes that can come in very handy. 

Louisiana Grills Cooking Surface Area

Louisiana Grills’ LG700 comes with 707 square inches of cooking area spread across multiple racks. The lower rack has 497 square inches of cooking area while the upper rack has a cooking area of 210 square inches. There is only one meat probe with the Louisiana grill. 

Traeger vs. Louisiana Grills: Hopper Capacity

Pellet grills need a good hopper to operate properly. It should be big enough to run for a few hours and it should have good access so that the user can easily reach it and clean it if necessary. Many people overlook the importance of a good hopper but it is crucial for a pellet grill. An average hopper should at least be 18 pounds. 

Traeger Grills Hopper Capacity

The Traeger grill comes with the standard 18 pounds of hopper. It is good given the size of the grill. Traeger grill made sure that the hoppers are easy to open. They knew that it can be a hassle to open the Hopper so they made a necessary change. This allows you to swap different flavored pellets mid cooking so that the food can get a nice mixed flavor profile. 

Louisiana Grills Hopper Capacity

Louisiana Grills’ LG700 model comes with a 14 pounds hopper. This is a problem given the cooking space of the model. It can be irritating to fill the hopper at regular intervals. They need to do something to change this. Many customers are unsatisfied with the hopper. 

Traeger vs. Louisiana Grills: Price

The correct price for your grill can be difficult to determine. What is the price to utility ratio? The more you invest, the better you get. This statement is true to some extent. It is better to invest in a good grill which will last a long time rather than a grill that will be cheap but will stop working soon. 

Traeger Grills Price

Traeger grill sells their grills at a high rate. They have been around for some time and since their name has become a household name, they believe that they can charge extra just for the sake of the brand. Traeger grills are durable and they can last for long periods of time. You also get a warranty of 3 years. 

Louisiana Grills Price

Louisiana grills made a name for themselves by making pellet grills for every family. They have made their grills accesible to more people. However, they are not very sustainable for the long term. The machine is going to need replacements from time to time. It comes with a warranty of 5 years. 


That's all that we have here for now. You can choose the one that fits your needs the most. Both the brands are good and we are leaving the final decision to you. Have a good day. Take care of yourself and make sure that you pick one that you like. Thank you once again and happy grilling!