Vision Grill vs Big Green Egg 

The vision grill and big green egg are both charcoal grills that can come in very handy. They are both good grills and there needs to be a conversation about the comparison between the two. You can probably find a few forums on the matter as well. However, we are going to give you all the details that you need. Take a look. 


Kamado grills have been in use for a very long time. They were present in the ancient times too. The brand started up 50 years ago. They have put together a solid unit for the people. The brand has set a culture of its own. They have Eggcessories and EggFests that are often celebrated. Both the grills are very heavy so they are not the perfect thing to take on a camping trip. You are also going to need help to move it around. The assembly process is also easy. Both the grills come with instructions for you to assemble with ease. The step by step manual is perfect for users.

You should know that these grills produce a lot of heat so you need to set it in a good place. You have to make sure that it is set in the ideal position so that you do not have to move it later on. It can be difficult to move. The vision grill needs to be around a socket so that you can plug it in. Otherwise it is the same. They are well manufactured and the design is perfect for users. You can get the best of the grilling world. Now we have to look at the features of both the grills and compare it with the others. 

Head to Head

Now we are going to compare both the grills and the features so that you can have a good look at the advantages and disadvantages of both the vision and big green eggs. 


The Big Green Egg is a shaped like an egg too. You can see where they got the name from. The compartment allows you to retain heat. The vision grills have the same design. It limits the airflow so that you can get a lot of smoky flavor in the food. The grills are more than likely to be used for slow cooking because they are meant for that purpose. You can seaf food with the lid open but that is the secondary function of the grill. 

The lids of the grill is made of ceramic along with the entire body. It is very heavy and the heat is trapped in the compartment. No smoke or heat can escape through the lid of the grill. They weigh a lot so the companies have gone with some innovations to make the design helpful. The lids have spring-loaded hinges which can help you to open them easily. The Weber grill does not open completely. It opens in a hinge so that you can retain as much as possible. The Vision grill opens all the way so the pressure on the hinges is more. 


The vent on the Big Green Egg 2XL is one of the best that we have ever seen. It has a lid that prevents the rainwater from getting into the grill. The vent can open completely so you can go ahead and control the temperature of the grill like you want. Vision Grills have cast-iron vents that can allow you to control the heat and the temperature of the grill. The vents have numbers that can help you control the function of the vent. The handles are cool to touch so you can use the vents as much as you like without the risk of burning yourself. 

Built-in Thermometer

Kamado grills have a lot of heat that is produced in an instant. You need to monitor the temperature of the grill to make sure that you are cooking the food at the right heat and temperature. It is crucial to cook the food properly and make sure that it is not overcooked or undercooked. Big Green Egg and the Vision Grills both have built-in thermometer. The thermometer is on the lid. You do not need to open the lid to tell the temperature of the food and the grill. 


Charcoal is the main fuel that is used in the grills. They can produce a lot of heat and they give out that smoky flavor to the food that everyone loves. The Big Green Egg is perfect for optimum use of fuel. You can cook for a long period of time on the grill. The Vision grills are also very good. You can cook all day long in these grills. The firebox is made to withstand the high temperatures. You can also refill the grill as much as you want. However, it is not always needed. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Both the grills have self cleaning features which makes the cleaning process much easier. You do not have to worry about the grill cleaning after a cookout. No need to spend hours cleaning the grill. The vision grill have an ash catcher that can be easily removed and cleaned. You can clean the grill with ease. The Big Green Eggs also have an ash catcher. They can come in very handy. 


The ceramic grills can reach a temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The grills can heat up pretty quickly. All you need to do is to take care of the vents. The grill is also well insulated so that no heat goes to waste. The insulation allows the heat to retain even in cold temperatures. You can use them in cold climate too. 

Smoky Flavor

The smoky flavor of the charcoal grill is something that can not be found in any other grill. The fire needs to burn up your good food. You need the radiant heat to cook the food. Slow cooking allows you to cook the good food in a smoky flavor. The heat deflector is good at deflecting the heat and heating themselves up to cook the food. The smoke from the firebox can reach your food directly. We have compared both the grills and we have seen that the Vision grills makes the meat juicy and tender. 

The smoky flavor of charcoal can reach the inside of the food in the Vision grill. The amount of smoky flavor is more than the Weber grill. This does not mean that the Weber grill does not do a good job but they are inferior to the Vision grill. We are going to pick Vision grill as they are better at this. 

Cooking Grates

Vision Grill uses stainless steel grill grates. They are perfect for cooking the food. The food does not stick to the surface of the grill and it is easy to clean too. Initially they used to make the grill grates with cast iron. However, they are very difficult to clean. So they have made the switch. Now the grill grates have been changed so that they can be better. You can clean the grates easily. You can get the same grill marks on the food. The ease of cleaning comes in handy. You can fit a lot of food on the cooking grate. The Big Green Egg has a lot of cooking space. It comes with one rack but the space is enormous. 


Thank you so much for giving this article here a read. We know that both the grills are good but you can choose one that fits you the most. The brands are well known in the market and you are going to make grilling so much more fun. The features are good and you are going to get a lot of advantages of the grill. Whatever grill you choose, you have to make sure that all your needs are met. Thanks for sticking to the very end of the article. We had a lot of fun writing this article and making all the comparison. We hope that you had a lot of fun reading it too.