Vision Grill vs Green Egg 

Kamado grills are getting more popular everyday and it is amusing to see the competition between the different brands. Vision grill vs green egg debate has been going on for a long time. We have decided to contribute to the conversation a bit by giving you the details about it. Take a look at the article here to get an in-depth comparison between the two brands. 


Let's take a look at a little bit of history of the brands because we are going to need a bit of context before we get to the features. The very common and well known grill is the Big Green Egg. The competition comes from the vision grill and it is very amusing to see the comparison between the two. The kamado style of cooking is not new. It has been around for a long time and it started back in China. It has now spread worldwide because of the unique nature of cooking. You can sear, smoke, or grill on these kamado grills and they are very powerful. They run on charcoal so they can add a lot of smoky flavor to the food. 

The Big Green Egg is very popular in the market and they come with a lot of different features. They are also similar to each other in many ways. They have a lot of models in the range. Vision grills are known for the performance and style, and ease-of-use. They are very good at providing innovative features to the kamado grill users. They can be good to get you started on the kamado style of grilling. It is not very easy to handle charcoal if you are learning the process for the first time. 

Big Green Egg vs. Vision Grills

We are going to compare both of them so that you can get a better look at the features of both the article and then decide which one is better for you. Take a look. 

Set Up

Kamado grills are generally on the heavier side and these two are not that different from each other when it comes to weight. You will need the help of more than one person to set up the grills. They both weigh over 100 pounds. The assembly process is not going to be any trouble because they have a good set of instructions that you can follow. The problem is with the weight and you might do well when you get some help to support you. It should not take you much time to set it up. 

You will need a helping hand when you are carrying the grill. You can go and carry the whole grill if you want or you can use a few tricks to help you out. You should ask the delivery people to place the grill close to where you are going to set it up. It should not be far from your spot. We do not want such things to happen because it would mean that you have to carry the heavy grill around. Be smart and ask for help. In case that doesn't occur, you can disassemble the grill and then carry it part by part. It is still heavy but less. 

You should place the Big Green Egg away from perishable or flammable objects because it produces a lot of heat and it can cause damage to the surroundings if you are not careful. The Vision grill is similar to the Big Green Egg but you might have to make sure that you place it close to an electric socket depending on the model. 


The Big Green Egg is shaped as you might think of it when you first hear the name. Yes it is egg shaped. It comes with all the features that one might need to get the grill fired up and retain the heat. The shape of all kamado is like an egg so the Vision Grill is not much different than the others. The design is made to ensure less airflow so that you can get the smoky flavor in the food you are cooking. You can sear the food if you want on the grill but you might need to cook with the lid open. It is perfect for a slow cooking. 

The lids are heavy and perfect to keep the heat inside the grill. They are mostly made of ceramics so that does a good job of heat retention. The lids are very heavy because they are made of ceramic and they are a very important part of the grill. They have a lot of innovative designs in the market now that takes care of the weight of the grill. Both the Big Green Egg and the Vision Grill are having the same spring-loaded hinges that helps you pull the lid open when you are opening them. 

This makes sure that you can open the lid with one hand when needed. On top of this, the Big Green Egg have a lid that does not open all the way. This is because they are made to retain the heat inside the grill in every way possible. This reduces the stress on all the hinges and helps in the longevity of the grill. The vision grill opens all the and it can put pressure on the lid. 


The best vent in any kamado grill might be the vent of the Big Green Egg 2XL. It comes with a protective lid and allows a lot of air to flow through the grill. The vent can fully open and it can allow a lot of air to go through the grill when you are preheating it. The vision grill hascast-iron vents which allows you to get the right temperature and helps you cook the food in the perfec heat that you want. 

There are models that come with labels or numbering on their vents. If we take one for example then the Diamond Cut series have their vents labeled with ”smoke”, ”grill”, and ”sear”. This can come in very handy. You will know which vent you need to use. The vents are accessible at any time and they are cool to touch. This makes the entire cooking process much easier. 

Built-in Thermometers

Kamado grills can produce a lot of heat and you get a lot of options to cook the different kinds of food a that are suitable for cooking. You need a good thermometer so you can measure the right temperature that works on the grill. You can check the temperature that you want for the particular dish too. Both the Big Green Egg and the Vision Grills both have a built-in thermometer that you can use. The thermometers are present on the lid of the grill and they can be used to measure the temperature. You do not need to open the grill to know the temperature of the grill. 

Powering The Grills

Kamado grills are known to be charcoal grills. They have a good reputation as a fuel even though they leave a lot of carbon emissions to the environment. The Big Green Eggs are known to be fuel efficient. The firebox is perfect for cooking. The smoky flavor is injected into the good food and it makes the food taste much better. The Vision Grills are also same. If you fill up the firebox then you can cook for a long time without the need to refill the firebox. It is also easy to refuel when you need it. Lump charcoal is regarded as the best fuel for kamado grills. They do not produce a lot of ash and makes the cleaning process easier. 

Dirt Catcher

The self cleaning feature of both the grills can help you with the cleaning process. You can clean the firebox pretty easily with the minimal effort required for the process. The Vision Grills comes with an ash catcher that can be removed and cleaned when you are done with the cooking process. The catcher can be pulled out easily and you can go ahead and empty it for your next session. The Big Green Eggs have this feature but it is missing in some models so you need to be careful about the grills that do not have such an ash catcher. You need to regularly clean up the dirt catcher so that it is clean and does not get a lot of debris.


The ceramics are used in the model that can help with the maximum heat. It can reach a temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit in a very short amount of time. The insulation provided by the grills are perfect for the grilling process. You get a lot of output from a little bit of power. You can even cook in cold climates with the insulation that the grill provides. No heat can escape the grill. The grill will do just fine so you do not need to worry about the temperature outside. 

Smoky Flavor

You can get the smoky flavor of your food with the convection and the radiant heat from the grill. Limiting the outlet of the air can also help to get that smoky flavor. The fire is not going to burn the food. Slow cooking is the way to go when you are trying to get that smoky flavor in the food. This is why kamado grills are so famous. A heat deflector made of ceramics or cast-iron are present in both the grill brands. This helps to cook the food indirectly. The heat deflectors are like discs and they deflect the heat while getting heated themselves. This allows the heat deflectors to give off radiant heat and cook the good food. 

The smoke can go to the food directly. They will infuse the food with the smoky flavor and then they will go out of the vent. It is a simple process that is done well by both the brands so we are not going to make any mistake about choosing one over the other. However, when it comes to the final product, we have to say that the meat cooked in the Vision grills are much more tender and juicier than the Big Green Egg. 

Cooking Grates

Initially, Vision grills used to make cooking grates out of cast iron but they are now making grates out of stainless steel. This is because of the fact that they understood the upkeep and maintenance that cast iron needs. They are much harder to clean than stainless steel so they moved the material. You can get the same grill marks on the grates without worrying much about them. They can save you a lot of cleaning time too. The grates might appear small at first glance but they can store a lot of food. 

You can cook for a whole family on the Vision grills. They are two tiers as grates. While the Big Green Egg only has a single rack but they offer a large amoumt of cooking space. You can fit in a whole pig for roasting. 


Thank you for giving this article here a read. We do hope that you have found the information on the article to be useful. We have worked a lot to collect the info and make a comparative study of it. We have to say that they are both very competitive of each other and they are well within their spheres of greatness. We are not going to pick for you. We have given you all the facts and now you can pick one for yourself. We are sure that you are going to happy with either of them because there isn't much of a difference. We had a fun time writing this article. Take care of yourself and make sure that you have a fun time grilling the food!