Waba Grill vs Flame Broiler 

Waba grill and flame broiler are two competitors in the state of California. They are very competitive with each other. You might not have known about them in the other states. Or you might have heard about them in the few states that they have branches. They sell rice bowls and they are known for it. Both of the brand specialize in healthy rice bowls so lets take a look at it. 


If you have come across them then you know that they are similar to each other in a lot of ways. They look the same and the menu is also very similar. The branding techniques of all the brands are also very similar to the other. They are very same so they are often ridiculed for the indistinguishable offerings. However, people who like to eat healthy and have tried all the options from both of the brands will argue with you saying that only one of them deserves the top of the game. Let's take a look at the features before we decide. 

The Health Food Craze

Waba Grill and Flame Broiler are not average as fast food joints. They are made for the people who are conscious about their health. They provide a fast service but they do not offer greasy food with lots of calories. The rice bowls that they make are very nutritious and you will love to have it if you are conscious about your body and what you put in it. They have gathered a lot of loyal customers in the process. The society today is all about latest diets and superfoods. The brands work well in such a place 

At Waba Grill you will not get any fried food. The best calorie options are chosen for the customers and the food is made to be fresh upon receiving the order. Flame Broiler also has a lot of healthy options. You can customize your meals to be no bread, low calorie, paleo, and low carb (no rice). You can also check the nutritious value of the food on their website. Keep track of all the calories that you are ingesting. 

How Are The Waba Grill and Flame Broiler Different?

If you are looking from the outside or if you visited one brand once then you will probably find no difference. Both Waba grill and Flamr Broiler might look the same with their menu options. However, if you are someone who goes their regularly then you look at them differently and you will see the better option for yourself. There are certain differences that we have noticed. 

At Waba Grill we found the bowl to be wider and it seems that they are filled with more chicken and rice. However, the competitor has not kept quiet. Flame Broiler has changed their bowls recently. They realized that the deeper bowls made their food quantity look less so they went ahead and changed the bowl to make it wider rather than deeper. 

Flame Broiler offers plain chicken to the customers and the customers can decide which sauce they want in their food and the amount. This can be a good way to customize your order even more. Waba Grill always adds teriyaki sauce on the chicken to make them saucy and more tasty. You can not look past the difference in the rice of both the brands. Waba grill makes the rice dry and soft. Flame Broiler makes the rice sticky. This can be reminiscence of the sticky rice of Japanese bento box. 

Waba grill also have the option of a spicy sauce. You can get the hot sauce with the smoky food. Tapatio taste can add to the taste of the Flame Broiler. The hot sauce for this brand is kind of tangy and has a vinegar like taste to it. 

The Price Of Healthy Fast Food

A lot depends on the price of the bowls. We know that a lot of people are going to check out this factor and consider the results based on that. It depends on what you are ordering from the menu but overall it seems that the Flame Broiler is a bit more expensive than the other. You might not want to go for the more expensive option if you have a cheaper alternative. 

Paleo Diet Samples

We are considering a diet sample from both the brands to check out the difference between the two rice bowls. They can help us determine the ultimate winner of this game. Flame Broiler is better when it comes to paleo diet. You can choose it from any available plates on the menu. The best meal of this food chain according to us is the chicken and beef combination plate with vegetables, no rice, with the Magic Hot Sauce, and a serving of orange slices.

Waba grill also offers the paleo diet options. You can get a rice bowl with a choice of your protein. It can be shrimp, beef, or salmon. It depends on which meat you want to eat that day. The best meal from this one is the chicken teriyaki bowl with no sauce, veggies, and an additional serving of grilled shrimp with avocado.


That's all that we have for now. We do hope that you enjoyed this article. We are going to side with Flame Broiler even though it is a bit expensive because of the options that you get. That being said, the preference is different for different people so you might like Waba grill better. There is nothing wrong with that. We just want you to get the bowl that is the best for you and the diet that you are following. Thank you so much for giving this article a read. Have a good day. Take care of yourself. Make sure to follow your diet plan and pick the most delicious food from the menu of the two brands!