Where Are Weber Grills Made – A Brief History 

Weber is a very popular brand among the grilling industry. You will find a lot of people who swear that Weber is the best grill brand out there. This brand is very popular because of the good grills that they make. We can't deny the fact that the company makes a lot of grills and more than enough turn out to be a solid unit. With that being said, lets tale a look at the information about the Weber grills. 


The headquarters of the brand is located in Palatine, Illinois. They are made from components that are globally sourced and the construction process of most of the grills are done in other countries. These grills are mainly anufactured in China and Taiwan. The Weber SmokeFire is the only grill that is made completely in the United States.

The Roots 

George Stephen founded the company in 1952. He was working at Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago, Illinois at the time. One day he found a round metal buoy and he decided to modify it so that one can cook on it. He created the first charcoal grill of a different kind. The new invention became very popular among his friends and they named this new little grill “the Sputnik.” Stephen decided to go with more of an official name like : “George’s Barbecue Kettle.” The grill became popular as kettle style grills in the market in the future years and it still continues to flourish. 

Weber is a name that used to be associated with charcoal grills for a long time. They started making gas powered grills much later in the 1980s when grilling became more popular among the common people. Weber only used to make charcoal grills in the initial stages. They offer a number of different grills nowadays.

 You can find a lot of different grills now. All the grills are made with attention to detail. They are very serious about the quality of the grill. They make no compromises when it comes to the build and construction. Many manufacturers are known to cut corners to make profit but Weber is not known to do so. 


They still have their headquarters in Palatine, Illinois. There is also a major manufacturing plant near this in Huntley. This makes it seem like the brand makes all the grills in the United States only. However, that is not the entire story. The parts of the grill is not locally sourced. The grills are designed by the workers in the headquarters but they put the parts together somewhere else. They can not claim that the parts are 100% made in the United States. 

A Brief History

Weber sold most of it's stake to BDT Capital Partners in 2010. The company faced a class action lawsuit soon. The complain was against the “Made in the USA” sticker that was applied to all the grills. The label was said to mislead the customers because that was not completely true. Not all the parts were made in the country. Many consumers think that this is important since they want to source only American products to keep the local businesses going and some people also have the firm believe that the components made in the United States is going to last more than the parts made in other countries. 

Weber was aware of this and this might be the reason that they continued to market their product in such a way. They wanted to allure to the American customers in this manner. However, this was not true and it is wrong to blindside the consumers. They initially said that the grills were designed in the Illinois facility so that statement was ultimately true. They settled the case out of the court but they made no change to the practices. Till 2016 the company claimed that all the products were “Made in The USA with globally sourced components,” but that is not a thing anymore. 

The Rundown

So you might be wondering where the Weber grills are made nowadays and if there are any grills that are made in the United States. We already stated that the Weber SmokeFire is the only grill in the brand that is made completely in the United States. It is a pellet grill. Here is a brief rundown of all the places that they source from.

Weber Grills Made in the United States

These are the grills that are made in the United States with some of the components sourced from the nearby nations - The Original Kettle Charcoal Grill, the high-tech grills in the Summit Series, and the futuristic Q Series units. 

A Smokey Joe, a Jumbo Joe, or a Go-Anywhere grill is also said to be manufactured in the country. The original kettle style grill is also a good one. A few kamado-style grills in the summit line is also present under the banner. If you are looking for portable grills then you can go for the Smokey Joe, the Jumbo Joe, and the Go-Anywhere grill. 

Weber Grills Made Overseas

The Spirit and Genesis II lines are the grills that are made in China and Taiwan. If you want to buy American products only then you should steer clear from the grills in this line. If you are confused about the grill that you want to buy then you should look for the stamp. A grill with no “Made in the USA” stamp will probably be made in other countries. You can also go ahead with the ones with the stamp because they are usually present in the units that are made in the Huntley facility. 

The Reasoning

If you are wondering why the outsourcing of the components started in the first place then we can tell you the reason in one words : money. Outsourcing can be cheaper for a lot of people. The big manufactures can save a lot of money and they make more profit on the units too. The products from abroad will be taxed less and this will reduce the production cost. The labor and wages law of the workers in other countries are also a lot less than the ones in the United States. A big company is bound to jump at this opportunity. 

There are often many people who think that outsourcing is not a very reliable thing for a company. Outsourcing can he justified when the consumers also get to pay a lower price given the production cost goes down. However, many people are sure that outsourcing can reduce the quality of the product. There are many people who will side in favor of outsourcing and there are many that will go against it. You have to decide which one you are supporting. That is what you need to go for at last. 


We do hope that you now have a much more focused view on the manufacturing process of the Weber grills. Despite of the fact that the grills are not made in the United States, the grills are very popular in the grilling industry. Many people are loyal to the brand and they will do anything to make Weber a part of their grilling life. We are sure that they are standing at the top of the grilling world because of the many good features that comes with the grills. The company has a lot of grills and of different kind. Make sure that you have a good time cooking. Also, you should share the food with your friends and family.